Friday, January 27, 2006


The roller coaster ride of health ain't good for my body.

The last two days of eating has been HORRENDOUS. I cannot even explain. My body has consumed absolute crap - chips, chocolate, candy - you name it. I'm sure that I'm back up on the scales, but emotionally, I can't handle checking right now.

I'm sure that all this change has something to do with it. I just turned 30. Finished a Master's degree a few weeks ago (after almost 3 years). My job has kinda changed. And my dad just underwent some minor surgery which has triggered all the emotions of a major surgery that happened a few years ago. And, I'm having some (hopefully) minor medical issues.

I'm guessing I need to take it easy on myself, but now's the time I should be focussing!!!

There's a great book called "The Great American Detox Diet" by Alex Jamieson. She's the fiancee of the "Supersize Me" dude, Morgan Spurlock. I started reading it yesterday, and it's really good. Helps you understand what's going on inside your body, and why it's important to do certain things, like drink more fluids, or reduce caffeine. She really highlights the fact that most of us are treating our bodies like total CRAP.

And yet, I still continue to plummet from the wagon.

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