Sunday, February 05, 2006

Time for a quick entry, and then it's time for Sunday chores. Yay.

Yesterday was a bit up and down, in terms of eating.
Breakfast - okay
Lunch - excellent
Afternoon - one double-chocolate chunk cookie (made with spelt flour, sweetened with cane juice...who am I kidding, it was still bad!)
Late Afternoon - a soy burger
Dinner - greasy indian food.

Friday night, the hubby took me out for a lovely meal to celebrate my graduation. I had a glass of wine - so that probably put me over on the scale.

Tomorrow, I'll face the scale gods again. Lovely.

I'm trying very hard to make up for things today, but it's soooo hard detoxing from sugar. I haven't had a day yet, where I've been able to give it up. Is there anyone out there in blog land who's been able to successfuly rid themselves of all that is sugar?! If so, words of wisdom would be appreciated.

I've had a couple of small dark chocolates today - to take off the edge.

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