Thursday, March 16, 2006


I think I'm calling a temporary reprieve on this so-called "war" against my body.

I managed to maintain my weight over the past few days, despite the questionable nature of my eating. Well, it wasn't exactly questionable - it was definitively bad!

It would appear that just this once, my body has forgiven my sometimes bad habits. Therefore, I must forgive my body for NOT shedding any weight (not even water) even during times when I exercise my butt off and diet furiously.

It's a temporary olive branch - but I'm back to fighting tomorrow!

Oh yeah - I was DYING for chocolate this afternoon. DYING. I would have considered trading my first born (if I had kids) for some. Instead, I got me a cup of peppermint tea, and ate my lovely organic red apple. Just a little, "I'm proud of me" moment to share.

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jeannie said...

just wanted to let you know the vanilla latte with choc and cinnamon on top was a DELIGHT! it might be my new favorite starbucks treat.. thanks :)