Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well, I'm still at 212. And I'm vexed.

I have been an ANGEL on my diet. I have exercised both furiously and faithfully for the last several days. In fact, I went to the gym TWICE yesterday. And the scale isn't a'budging.

I'm starting to feel like there's a war between me and my body. Does that make sense? It's refusing to let go of the fat, and I just keep fighting it. The less the scale moves, the more determined I'm becoming.

So, I fought my disappointment from this morning with a little yoga at lunch. Take that, body of mine!


totegirl said...

well, that sucks, but at least you're letting your body know who's boss! good job! i'm sure you'll lose a big chunk at once, but until then, i know it's frustrating!

Tyler's Story said...

That is the worst. You are just hitting a plateau. Can take anywhere from a week to 2 months to get rid of. Don't overexcersize, or it will make it last longer, ya just need to keep doing what your doing. Dont give up though!