Saturday, April 15, 2006

And the song went a little something like this....

Day started out good. A forty-minute walk to my acupuncturist (or as my hubby calls it, the torture doctor, lol!).

Protein shake before I left - check.

I then came home:

Breakfast: A piece of toast, three pieces of veggie bacon, a cup of tea - check.
Snack: Cheese and rye crackers - check.
Lunch: Stuffed peppers and a baby spinach salad -check.
Snack: 2/3 of a double-chocolate chunk cookie - it was sf, and vegan. A little healthy? - okay, half-check.
Snack: A bananna.
Snack: Half a pizza slice
Dinner: Vermicelli noodles and vegetables (Notice, I've stopped checking?)
Snack: Home-made popcorn with butter. I was generous with the butter, baby.

Bloody hell. At least I started out with good intentions. Not sure how the rest of the day slid out of control. The beauty is, today is a brand new day. I'm still determined to make my 5lb goal in two weeks' time.


In case you're wondering about the personal trainer. I had decided to sign up for another 12 sessions. The last two weeks have been pretty crappy and anxiety-ridden, so I broke up with him during this time. I think it's time we re-unite this week. I'll be calling him tomorrow to set up a session this week. I need to get back into a proper routine.


And in non-weight loss news, it's spring cleaning weekend. My husband and I have turned into the laziest bastards over the winter - our place is a mess. We vowed to get some stuff done this weekend. Sure enough, yesterday we hauled our lazy asses off the couch and started clearing out the closets. We managed to get about 10 garbage bags full of old clothes out of our apartment, and into Goodwill's donation box. Phew! If only I could lose weight as quickly as my apartment.

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t. said...

Oh Lord! This is so damn familiar! Starting out on a really good track and ending up well, just not on the good track anymore. It has been my past week!
And yet, I envy you so much! I lived in Toronto almost 4 yeare and I have still embedded in my mind a detailed map of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants to be found there...