Sunday, April 23, 2006

Eating the last couple of days....

I've been eating out a lot the last couple of days, and thought I'd put it all down here. All in all, I'd say not too bad...but of course, I'm delusional sometimes.;-)


Breakfast: Organic Oatmeal (with protein powder), strawberries, and a glass of 1% milk.

Lunch: (out with friends): Burrito with vegetarian ground "meat" - at least it was high in protein!

Snack: An organic red apple

Snack: Vegetarian "chicken" nuggets (5)

Dinner (Hubby and I went out to celebrate some good news, and ate a fancy-dancy vegetarian restaurant - the following are all "tapas" style appetizer portions):
- Steamed Asparagus on Quinoa (with a delicious cucumber sauce of some sort)
- Chick-pea and Avocado salad on baby spinach
- King Oyster Mushrooms on steamed spinach
- Pumpkin Ravioli (rice pasta) in a fresh crushed tomato compote
- Battered tempeh (basically, a type of tofu) with crispy taro shreds.

I had some juice with dinner - no alcohol. It was REALLY yummy, and felt well balanced.


Breakfast (I walked 10 minutes in the pouring rain and cold weather to buy a baguette - because I felt like it!): Two pieces of a fresh baguette (white bread, unfortunately) - one with some fresh pesto, and the other with margerine. One organic, fat-free, plain yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon. 3/4 of a red apple (also sprinkled with cinnamon).

Lunch (we ate at an organic health cafe): steamed kale, baby spinach salad, steamed beet-roots, a few pieces of steamed broccoli, 2 pieces of pan-fried tofu, some beans in tomato sauce, some sesame noodle salad (on soba), and some stir-fried eggplant.

Tea: One cup of herbal tea with 1/2 (I shared with hubby like a good girl) of a piece of vegan chocolate cake - sweetened with cane sugar, at least...

Snack: 1/2 vegetarian pot pie and some strawberries

Dinner (went to a new veggie restaurant in the city):
- Start: tomato bisque soup topped with roasted almonds (the BEST soup I think I've ever eaten in my life) - it was like fresh crushed tomato with all these herbs in it...oh, yum.
- Main: A large salad with some "raw" vegetarian food that's difficult to describe, but involved stuffed mushroom croquettes, nori, a little square of "pizza" without cheese, but topped with crushed cashew butter and pesto, and a little stuffed eggplant dish.

So, I ate out a lot - but I think my meals were very balanced and healthy. I was SO proud of the dinner we ate last night. Because really, I was craving pub food. Nachos and french fries to be exact....but this morning, I'm OOOZING with energy because of the delicious dinner from last night.

This week's exercise plan:

- 3 times at the gym
- Thursday yoga
- 2-3 long walks


t. said...

Name of the restaurants, please please please!

Sonya said...

Wow! I just discovered your blog! It's lovely!

Here are the resturants - they are in Toronto:

1. Fressen (Fine dining one)

2. Live (The yummy raw food/vegan place) - no website - located at Dupont and Spadina

3. Sunny Cafe (inside Noah's health food store) located at Bloor and Spadina

Congratulations on your weight loss - you're doing great!

t. said...

I LOOOOOOVEEE those restaurants, especially Fressen, but my Toronto favourite remain Fresh, ex Juice For Life and that nameless joint on 666 Dupont. I am not familiar with Live instead: is it the one at 668 Dupont?
I just needed to hear those names!!sory for being a true nuthead!

Congratulations on your weight loss as well! You are doing better than me for sure! Buahhhhaaa! I am hungry!

Hey, I am not sure you are into cooking at all, but in case you were I just was suggesting this site:
all vegan but you can easily make them into vegetarian.

Did I already say I am hungry????

Sonya said...

No worries! I'm a totally nuts for these restaurants as well. Do you live in Toronto?

Live Organic Food bar is at 264 Dupont...what's at 668 Dupont?

Thanks so much for the reference to the site! I do love cooking. I'm actually trying to give up all dairy (just cheese and milk - I've given everything else up) the site is a great help to me.

t. said...

I used to live in Toronto until a while ago, when I moved back to Europe. But despite all the travelling I have done since, I have not found yet such a good and diverse vegetarian restaurant scene as in Toronto! I am still very linked to the city and most of my friends still live there.
About the restaurants I may be messing up. There is a small, rather ugly looking, almost nameless vegetarian join at 666 Dundas (not Dupont, sorry!) and just beside there is the 668 Cafe', but I am sure both must have been on your radards for some time!
I kinda start wishing I was still living there!

Becky said...

Hey girlie!!!
my god i think i am going bonkers but I thought i had left u a comment earlier? I am losing my mind!
I am so, so glad you love the recipe!
You're doing so well :)
I am half asleep but will remember what I wrote and repost tomorrow