Sunday, April 16, 2006

The weigh-in...

I have to admit, I was nervous. Two weeks of being pretty laid back - and well, my body just felt sort of "lumpy". I almost died of shock when I stepped on the scale: 208. How the heck could I have *lost* weight in the last couple of weeks? Impossible.

So, I'm chalking it up to muscle loss - which isn't great. But still, at least the scale isn't moving upward. I've decided that my two-week goal (April 28th weigh-in) will be 205. This way, I can gain back some muscle. That'll put me 5 lbs away from 200!!!! The hubby has promised me a little shopping spree when I get to 200. I've twisted his arm into $300. Can't wait!

Still, it makes you wonder - perhaps chocolate *is* a weight loss drug?! LOL.


Anne said...

Nice! I am sure you will get your spree soon.

Louisa said...

If chocolate is a weight loss drug sign me up! At this point I'll give any weird or wonderful scheme a go.
Cheers and congratulations on your loss.