Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Where the heck is spring?

It's still chilly and rainy here in Toronto. I guess my lovely pink spring coat that I wore tirelessly last week didn't provoke warm weather this week. Bah.

It's been a good week so far, I'd say. On Sunday, I made yummilicious vegetarian lasagna with whole-wheat noodles. Loaded with vegetables and saucy goodness. It's been great for dinners and lunches.

Last night, I probably ate way too much for dinner. I had half a stuffed roti when I got home, and then something else which I can't remember right now, and then a Mexican style dinner. Some low-salt tortilla chips, organic refried beans, sauteed vegetables, and some fresh guacamole. Yes, it would be enough to make anyone explode. I was in a hazy, bloated state for hours. Yuck.

The good news is, I've been at the gym for the past three days. I'm back with my man (the trainer) on Thursday some more buffing. So all is good in sweat land.

Other than that, life is just grand.

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t. said...

Aha! Funny that in old Toronto spring has not arrived yet. Here in Italy everything is nicely green but April is known as the rainy month and it has been raining almost every day!!!