Friday, May 05, 2006

Acknowledgements and Vegetable Couscous

Thanks to all of you for the comments! They mean a lot. I wasn't being hard on myself, really. I was just recognizing that sometimes, the journey of weight loss feels like a million miles long. And I'm not exactly helping myself my putting the car in reverse sometimes!

So I'm up 1.5lbs this morning. But I didn't have a nervous breakdown about it or anything. I'll just move forward, work hard this week, and hope that it was water gain or something. Really, it's probably chocolate gain - but oh well!

I tried a yummy recipe last night: Vegetable Couscous. It's SUPER healthy, nutritious, and filling. I served it on a grain called quinoa. It's very high in protein, and very "fluffy". The dish is chalk-full of vegetables, and it's fat free! (well, almost - I did use some olive oil to sautee my onions). And, it took me 20 minutes from start to finish.

Other than that - the weekend is upon us! Sunshine is rampant! Please give me the strength to not run after the ice-cream truck on Saturday afternoon. Or if I do, please let it be at least 5Km so that I can earn my extra calories.:-)

Have a good one!

Edited to add: Ever wonder why one feels compelled to quickly and diligently update their stats when weight loss happens? And when weight gain happens, the stats mysteriously remain at the previous, lower weight? It's called denial! Having said that, I'm still not upping my stats for the 1.5lb. No way.


jaime said...

Hahahahahaha! Totally. I haven't been at the weight I'm currently reporting for at least a few weeks. Probably not since I reported it.

jaime said...

One more thing -- where did you get your avatar?

t. said...

I am with you 100%. Not a chance in the world I will report any increase in weight! I am rather wait weeks to drop but I will forever pretend in that period of time I was "stable"...
Great review of the veggie cous cous! I may just try it out: cous cous is one of my favourites dishes and exactly one year ago I was actually in south America eating quinoa, since it is where it comes from. Nice (food) memories!

Stamp Til Dawn said...

Thanks for the comment. Congrats on your loss so far!! Good job.