Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oh yeah - I got my butt kicked

Thanks to you ladies for the encouragement. I tossed and turned all last night, because I knew I'd be climbing the scale this morning. I got up at 7AM this morning (and it's a Saturday!), because I couldn't stand it anymore.


That's up 4.5lbs. And you know what? I deserve every single ounce of that weight gain. I have been exhibiting such a "don't care" attitude for the past couple of weeks, and it's finally caught up with me.

For example, here's what I ate yesterday - promise not to wince, okay?

Breakfast: Organic bran flakes with raisins, soy milk, bananna

Morning Snack: Multigrain toast (2 thick slices) with cheddar cheese

Lunch: 2 slices of pizza (ww crust), with potatoes on top

Snack: 1 large yellow apple and 2 cookies (raisin, granola and seed)

Snack: 1 organic apricot yogurt and 1/2 bag of salt and vinegar chips (!!!)

Dinner: 1 large (ginormous) bean and cheese burrito on a white tortilla shell

Snack: 1/2 big fat piece of vegan chocolate cake with a glass of soy milk

It's all out in the open, now. An enormous number of carbs. A huge amount of crappy, junky food. And notice - not a single vegetable in the mix.

Let's get to exercise this past week. As in, there was none.

So, today, I'm turning over a new leaf (again!). I'm going to drink my 3L of water. I'm going to eat very healthy, even if it kills me - because my body has now become addicted to the sugar and carbs again. And, I will go for at least a 30-45 minute walk.

I'm weighing in again on Monday, and will report the results.

Oh yeah, and I'm still not updating my Stats. No way. Because I'll be back at 206 in no time.:-)


t. said...

You will be back again at 206 in not time! What you just needed is some motivation and your gain should be that push!

By the way, I just wanted to point out that even if you may have gone above your limits, your food still reflects your new/good/healthy habits: in your breakfast, the fruit consumed at each snack and possibly before other foods. There are good parts to it and something to be proud about: I am not sure about you but when I was not dieting (A.K.A. when I was getting fatter than usual) and needed a snack, a piece of fruit would have been my last thought. Much better a greesy sandwich, right? And if you were following a similar path, even when you are binging, the good new habits still show! And this is a victory!

Either way, we are both back at square one. Let's be brave!

Barbara said...

I think you are being very hard on yourself! Look at what you did choose..
organic bran falkes w/raisins
soy milk
multigrain bread (better than white!)
Whole wheat pizza crust (again, better than white!)
Large yellow apple
Vegan chocolate (better than regular!)

Yeah you didn't have a perfect day but my guess it is far from your worst day right?

Louisa said...

I had a junky blow out over the weekend too and like you, I am avoiding the scales this morning. It's GIRLFRIENDS that get me every time - morning teas, girls nights .. ahhh ... where is my resolve?

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Way to go for getting on the scale, I'm very proud of you. No doubt you'll be back at 206 soon.
Your snacking is amazing, look at all those whole grains and veggies. My snacking looks more like ice cream, chocolate sauce and whip cream. You did good!