Saturday, May 27, 2006

Okay, I'm officially out of control. I'm up another 1/2 lb to 211.5.

The scale hovered at 211 for a moment, but before I could breathe a sigh of relief, it flickered up to 211.5.

Well, I wonder would could have caused this increase. Hmmm....could it have been the greasy slice of pizza I had yesterday afternoon? Or how about the french fries and onion rings I had at the pub last night? My water intake has been pretty pathetic. Exercise - who?

How do I get out of this insane whirlwind of unhealthy eating?

Well, for a Type A gal like me, it means that I need a plan. It means that I need to start committing again to exercise during the week. It means that I need to start writing down what I eat. It means that I need to start PLANNING what I eat.

It's amazing how I hit my all-time low a couple of weeks ago, and yet, here I am again. Losing the same pounds over and over again. So, that's getting tiring - I need some more willpower and determination.

I'm off to figure out my plan! Next weigh in: Wednesday.

P.S. Thanks to all of you for your comments - you're the best, and I know you'll help me get through this!


purplecupcake said...

I'd love to be able to count for what I eat but having little kids around is hard when all they do is snack on anything...Your blog is an inspiration to get me back to living a healthy lifestyle...Thanks.
I have faith in you and your weight loss. Keep up the great work!

iportion said...

I know, it’s easy for me to backslide and regain. I can gain five pounds in a week.

Will power will only get you so far. Most people think if they are depriving themselves that’s will power.

Get some nutrition guides to help you decide what to eat when you go out to eat.

Reward yourself for exercise with non food gifts. I find this very motivating and they do not have to be expensive. They can be books, small fitness geer, shoes, games, Fitness DVD and make up.

t. said...

First, I want to tell you that I found myself in your situation many times and that it will happen again to me many more times. I get performance stress! I loose, that's great but to know I have to keep on going gets me stressed, hence I eat more than I should. And I gain. And the frustration settles in one more time: I must have dropped to 60 kg and back up to 61 or 62 at least 10 times.
Actually this problem was one of the main reasons to restart my blog, out of sincere frustration.
So, since I am no saint, I do not feel like giving advice. I just want to mention a few things that helped me: maybe a couple of ideas could be helpful to you as well.
-be very present to my diet: publish daily what you eat/write it down/be liable towards someone (I email three fellow dieters and I find it helpful! You can email me if you want!)
-have you tried SparkPeople as of yet? You may want to give it a go: the calorie counter tool is good to track calories and nutrient and it is somewhat an eye opener towards food. I feel the more time I put into my dieting, the better I stick to it
-I hate going to the gym: I made myself a very tiny in house gym with the few things I need. I bought dumb bells, swiss ball, exercise mat and, the most important, a basic step climber for cardio. I am still to buy and extention band. This stuff is pretty cheap (I think if you keep it on the cheap side you can get everything below 100 or 150 CND). And I use them quite a bit! My arms have totally changed shape in one year and I did not enter a gym once.
-setting mini goals (not directly weight related) really helps me: my first was to cut out on chocolate, bananas and cocoa soy puddings: I fall back into having them every now and then, but not anymore everyday. My second mini goal was to cut out salt and oil as much as I could, my third to use cellulite cream daily and now I am on day 4 without carbs. Sticking up to what you set for yourself helps in making you progress.
-I have learnt to substitute: do I still want chocolate? I do! BIG TIME! But having a slice of fat free vegan chocolate cake is actually better than eating a chocolate bar.
It may not be the best plan at all, but I am not totally unsatisfied by it: keep on fighting!

KleoPatra said...

I am rooting for you!!

j said...

blog leaping! great job on "losing weight" what an inspiration :)

drstaceyny said...

Hi, Sonya--sounds frustrating! I actually don't think the pizza/french fries/onion rings are bad (from another full-fledged vegetarian!) Maybe you're not eating enough fat/salt the rest of the time?

t. said...

How are you doing darling? I hope you are in a good dieting moment!
I just read your music favourites: many really nice bands in there!