Friday, May 12, 2006

Well, I managed to maintain my weight from last week. Which is a miracle, really, because I have been eating like crap.

There was a french-fry incident last weekend. Followed by chocolate cake. Followed by low-rate falafels at my brother's university campus (which I'm sure were a million calories and had zero nutritional information), and some cookies yesterday. It's not been a good show.

In fact, I think my body is starting to reject vegetables! Last night I was out at dinner with my hubba-hubba, and I felt compelled to order a vegetable juice because I hadn't been eating very many veggies lately. It was a spinach, beet, garlic, and cucumber juice. BLEEECCH. I had to plug my nose to get it down. What is *wrong* with me?

Anyway, I'm climbing back into the saddle again - but my arse is getting sore from riding this thing for waaaaay too long. I want off! Alas, it will take some more time. And commitment.

I loathe the feeling of my jeans fitting tight. LOATHE. But I looove the feeling of my pants fitting loose - even if they're hanging off me. It reminds me of what I've accomplished.

All this to say, that I was relieved to get on the scale this morning and not be punished again - but I need to work harder. I'm getting reallly good at maintenance, but I'm not ready to stop here. Not a chance!

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t. said...

I feel you pain! I am also getting ok at maitenance (even if, what a pain!!!) but I am not loosing at
all! Gotta try harder!
Anyhow, I still owe you a reply about quinoa! I got my fix in Peru' and Bolivia, countries I visited on a backpacking trip I look last year: one year ago I was desperatly hitchking in the middle of the desert on the Panamericana! Arghhh!!! I promised myself then never to travel on my own and without a tour again, but I did just a few weeks after.. cannot wait to get again my huge backpack out and hit the road!

for me eating there has been quite a dream instead! I know you foud it really hard and I envisioned my time there to be terrible. Instead, possibly thanks to the fact that I had an updated guide book with pointers to veggie restaurants and to the fact I speak the language, I had even too many fantastically affordable vegetarian restaurants to choose from! A dream! Veggie restaurants day and night for cheap and the food was awesome! No bad exerience at all, not even one. I thought I gained wait in the month+ I was away, but thanks to the hiking and walking, I lost 2 kilos! (to regain them in less than 2 weeks once I got back...)