Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mid-week Update

I can't believe it's Thursday already - gosh this week is just flying.

Well, it's been a decent week so far. I didn't say perfect, but I did say decent. My eating has remarkably improved, and my energy levels are much better. I'm not off my sugar addiction completely, but I'm getting there. I went for a walk on Monday (couldn't make it to the gym), and Tuesday was another vey short walk. Last night, I had an amazing yoga class.

So all in all, decent! But this blog is also about confessing, so I might as well do that. Tuesday night, the hubby and I were walking to my naturopath (I had an appointment with her). On route, there's a confectionary store which I've never walked into. There was a big sign on the door that said "Walker's Crisps - $1 each". For those of you who aren't familiar, Walker's Crisps are a basic staple in British culture. They're DELICIOUS crisps, and they go well with pints of beer. Anyway, the hubby couldn't resist, and we walked in. As we were paying for our crisps at the cash, the cashier told us that it was "looney Tuesday" - in other words, $1 for a scoop of ice-cream, and $2 for two scoops. Well, not sure how it happened so fast, but we walked out of the store with a scoop of ice-cream, and shared it. I didn't get my own, which was good - but I certainly didn't need ANY! We were early for my appointment, so we ended up having a cup of tea, and cracking open one of the little crisp packets. I had a handful, but stopped after that. Guilt prevailed, but I also kept telling myself that it was better than eating the whole bag or the whole scoop of ice-cream.

Interestingly, I should mention that my hubby is NOT overweight. In fact, he's pretty fit. So, it's not like he's battling the bulge with me (although he's incredibly supportive). And sometimes (just sometimes) it's aggravating that all I have to do is LOOK at a piece of chocolate and I'll gain weight. And he can usually get away with eating bad stuff, and the scale never punishes him. Sigh - he's lucky, I suppose.

So, tonight is the gym - I've got my bag packed. And tomorrow, I'm swimming laps at the pool. If I can get through the next couple of days without "incident", I've promised myself that I'll enjoy a small treat over the weekend.

I know I said I'd weigh in tomorrow, but I think I'd rather weigh in on Saturday. I know I'm stalling, but an extra day could make all the difference!!

Will post after the weigh-in. I really hope that I've been able to burn off that pound.


t. said...

Do not worry!!!
You did not do half bad! I wish that guilt would kick in so quickly with me! You stopped after half a scoop of ice cream and a handful of crisps. That in my book is success. And you said you are almos off your sugar addiction! You have to tell me more since I struggle with that completely!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Way to go on all the exercise. That's been my challenge so far, good luck at Weigh in.

The Venus said...

He's not just lucky, he's male. My husband eats all kinds of junk and after dinner every night he sits and has like 3 more courses of snacks. He's a beanpole. :/

alea said...

Hats off to you for stopping after half the ice cream and only a handful of crisps! You should be very proud of yourself for that. Crisps are my absolute downfall - there's NO way I can have a few and then stop... You're my crisp heroine! :)

Shananigans said...

Congratulations on a decent week! I’ve been so half-assed about the gym and eating right/less that it’s no wonder my weight has been stuck where it is for over 2 months. I think I got all too excited after I lost 30 lbs and a dress size and now I just have to remember that I’m only half way there and it’s time to get moving again. And it is so not fair that some people can eat all the crap they want and not gain an ounce while I have to make sure I don’t eat too many grapes or avocados because they’re too high in calories. *sigh* Booooo! I am resentful, even though I know it’s not their fault.