Thursday, June 15, 2006

A very vegan weekend

I've taken the day off work tomorrow, because I need to freakin' relax. What have I got planned? Hmmm...well, I'll sleep-in for sure - especially because it's fun to rub it in when the hubby has to get up early, and I just roll over. Hee.

And then, I've got a trip planned to a vegan spa in Toronto. I can't wait! I'm having a facial, and a vegan manicure and pedicure. Some of you might be wondering what the heck a "vegan pedicure" actually means. Well, it's basically using products that are not tested on animals, and contain no animal ingredents. Plus, they're organic and pure and yummy for the body. Can't wait!

And then, in the early evening, the hubby and I hop on the train to Montreal, for a weekend getaway. We'll be staying at a gorgeous boutique hotel, and eating very yummy food. The highlight will be "Chuchai" (sorry, no link) - a vegan Thai restaurant in Montreal. It's super expensive, but the food is to die for. A non-vegetarian friend of mine ate an entire meal there, and it was only after he left the restaurant did he discover that he was eating mock meat! Funny.

And on Monday, I'm in Montreal for (boo! hiss!) work meetings. But I'm hoping the weekend before will have rejuvenated me.

You might be wondering (and rightly so) where my diet fits into this weekend. Well, it kinda doesn't. That's not to say that I'm throwing all caution to the wind! It does mean that it's my mini-holiday, and I do want to enjoy a few things in moderation. Like gorgeous pad thai noodles. And maybe some dark chocolate on the train journey there. Because really, the best part aboout riding the train is the goodies that you get to carry with you in your bag, right?;-)

All this to say, that I won't be able to post until Tuesday. I'm going to try and stay reasonably healthy, and will not guilt over enjoying myself a little. Even though I've been "enjoying myself a little" for the past few weeks now!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


t. said...

All this sounds so wonderful I wish I could hide on your suitcase or something!
And the Vegan SPA!!! What a dream!!! You have to tell me everything about it when you get back!!!

I totally agree with your decision: this is something you need to enjoy! Do not go over with crazy diet stress. Just eat the best food you can and you will have relaxed mind and body to restart dieting once you get back!

The Venus said...

Wow that all sounds so wonderful. I hope you have a great time and enjoy the pampering!

hopefulloser said...

I'm a vegetarian too! I was vegan until the last month of my pregnancy when I caved into cravings for snickers. I've been eating dairy since. Not a lot but still too much. I'm working on getting back to vegan. I've been lazy about it. Pizza is the problem.

A vegan spa sounds like a dream vacation.

I just found your blog and am excited to have a new read.

KleoPatra said...

Here's hoping your weekend is going well!! Hope you are having fun and learning a lot of good things that will be not only helpful but will make things easier for you in life as a whole, Sonya!

alea said...

I hope you had a wonderful time!