Friday, July 28, 2006

Belly peeves

Thanks for the great maternity clothes suggestions, guys! I have looked in Old Navy, but because it's summer clearance time right now, there isn't much there that's wearable. I have to wear semi-dressy clothes for work, so that's the big problem. I will find stuff, I'm sure!

I'm supposed to be preparing for these courses I'm teaching in the Fall right now. In fact, I took a vacation day from work to do it. And I have done EVERYTHING but this morning. I was in such a mood to procrastinate that I made the hubby waffles with fresh-chopped strawberries to GO! I even packed some maple syrup in a little container on the side. Of course, he thinks I'm being an attentive wife - meanwhile, I'm all about wasting time today! Oh well, he doesn't have to know that.;-)

Anyway, while I'm procrastinating, I might as well get blogging.

I've discovered my biggest pregnancy pet-peeve. It's the belly comments from other people.

Now that the news is out, people feel compelled to either poke or prod the belly with interest, stare directly at the belly, or comment as to its over or under adequacy. It reaaaaallly annoys me.

My belly is sensitive to me - on a normal day - nevermind while being pregnant. And how / when I really start to show is irrelevant to me. As long as my little bean is healthy and happy, that's all that matters. But others seem to feel compelled to make irritating and unnecessary comments as follows:

(1) Wow - you aren't showing at ALL!
(2) I would never have guessed you were pregnant! You sure everything's growing alright in there?
(3) My goodness -your belly has really started to pop out, hasn't it? Just how far along are you?
(4) Looks like you're going to have one biiig baby!

(Number (2) made me feel very enraged. Very much so. Also, you'll notice the inconsistency among these comments.)

First of all, my hormones are a bit out of whack, and I don't have the largest reserve of patience at the moment. However, I do feel that I'm justified in complaining about people who can't just say, "Congratulations - when's the big day?". And leave it at that. Even the comments about how I look great, or how I'm glowing, etc. - make me very happy. Just don't go to the belly.


On a dietary note - this weekend is going to be another big challenge. Tonight, my mom and aunt (the two best cooks in the entire world) are going to be making a feast. In fact, they've asked me to come over early so that I can start eating as soon as possible. This frightens me. I'm going to fill up on veggies and water before I go over, and will contain myself.

Tomorrow night, I'm hosting a dinner part-ay at my place - for my parents, aunt and uncle (visiting from Atlanta) and my cousin. It won't be a low-fat meal, since I'm entertaining. I hope I'm too busy to even give a second's thought to all that delicious food. Of course, there will be some catering involved. I'm planning on an Indian meal:

Snacks - samosas (but of course!) and dhoklas (these are steamed corn/lentil squares served with mint and tamarind chutney).

Dinner - rotis (whole wheat), channa (spicy chick-pea stew), mixed vegetables, and corriander-basted baby potatoes.

Dessert - ice-cream. (I figure I can throw out the container after everyone leaves).


And in other news - I'm leaving for San Fran next Wednesday night! Woo hoo! I've already got a list of very healthy (and wonderfully vegetarian) restaurants together. But more importantly, my big ultrasound is the morning we leave. So, I'll post a picture of my little bean when I come back. And, I'll post a picture of my belly too! And since you all know my peeve now, I'm sure you'll be kind.:-)


KleoPatra said...

Sonya, your pet peeves are certainly 100 percent justified! I have been known to say, "WOW! You look great!" and then go right to feeling the stomach of pregnant pals. That's a good thing to say, but the action is kind of not cool. I shall have to remember to ask if it's OK to do that; thank you for the reminder! Really! I have a sister who's had 10 kids and another who had 2 kids so i know "protocol" pretty well with this...

Have fun in SF. I looooooooooove it up there! What are you going to do? There are some good veg eateries there from what i gather... I am thrilled you will be in "my" state soon. Yay! How cool for us. I'm sure to feel your vibe all the way down here in San Diego.

As for the eating, you know best how to handle the "two best cooks in the world" so i won't wish you "luck" but i hope that things go as you want. The food you mention that you are going to have sounds great. I am a great fan of Indian food!

Keep up the good work on the little bean and on YOU!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Can't wait to see the picture of the liitle bean!
My friend had the same pet peeves when she was pregnant. I don't understand why people feel it's o.k to touch the belly. People say the most inconsiderate things, maybe you can smack them upside the head and then just say "It's the hormones" :)
The indian feast sounds incredibly delicious

Becky said...
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Becky said...

YAY!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your lil bean!!
And omg that food you'll be making for your dinner party sounds sinfully divine. YUM!!! I just love Indian food, so delish. have a wonderfully relaxing weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Have a great party and a great trip! I've heard that some woman don't like the attention made to their bellies. I'm never quite sure of the protocols, so I just try to take the lead of the pregnant woman and follow her where the conversation leads.

iportion said...

maternity clothes just bite.
They are way to slinky or they are ugly and some stores don't have them in any pluss sizes. What's up with that? Only skinny girls get pregant?

Living to Feel Good said...

My friend that I already mentioned had some similar pet peeves. She would say "thats my fat comment for the day" because people kept telling her she was SO big and was she having twins or triplets. My friend looks amazing! She doens't look like she gained weight and has a perfect round big pregnant belly. I seriously hope I look as good as she does! But people kept asking if she was having twins and triplets. It really got on her nerves.
Tomorrow is her baby shower. I can't wait for my day. Have fun in SF. I miss SF. I only live 7 hrs away..I should make it up there soon.

Jen said...

Another gem: You must be having twins!!! LOL

That was one of my peeves too. Do NOT touch my stomach you weirdos! ;)

Have a fab trip!

Sonya said...

Thanks, ladies. I hope I didn't make you hyper-sensitive about what you say / don't say to pg's just that bellies can be sensitive - especially when they're growing. And sometimes well-meaning comments aren't received that way. I adore you all!!!

Iportion - you're right about maternity clothes. It's hard to find one's that aren't too "froo froo" without bows and ties everywhere. I hope to find some nice, trendy clothes for the Fall.

Jen and Sarah - OMG. I've had a couple of people ask if I'm having twins...ALREADY! I'm barely half-way through my pregnancy. Grrrr.

pinknest said...

don't you love being hostess? i do! :) the menu sounds great. hope you take some photos of the food! and how nice you get to go to san francisco!!

Jennifer said...

That Indian dinner sounds fantastic! Are you making all of that from scratch? Mmmmm. Looking forward to seeing the belly picture too, and then saying something really obnoxious about it. (kidding!)