Saturday, July 01, 2006

Le Weigh-In

At long last - building up the courage to stand on that scale is not easy!

My positive changes paid off this week - I'm down 1.5lbs. Imagine what that could have been if I had really stuck to my plan! There were too many "ooops" (or not so "ooops" cheats).

I think the reason I was successful this week is because I was trying to climb back into that moving wagon - and realized that it had to be one foot at a time. So, I decided to tackle exercise again, and decided that if I couldn't be perfect with my dieting, that was fine.

This week, I walked 5K, I went to yoga, I ellipticized for 45 minutes, and I swam for 35 minutes. I know that doesn't make me a super-athlete or anything, but it was a move in the right direction. And believe me, last night when I got home from work (Friday before the long weekend, I might add!) - all I wanted to do was find a patio somewhere, order a heaping pile of nachos, and relax with a drink. Instead, after much mental pushing, I got my butt to the pool and swam laps for awhile. And I feel much better for it!

And the crazy thing is, my urge for junk food is slowly disintegrating. It's the weekend, and I WANT to eat healthy. Which is totally insane for me.

So, onward again - next week, we try to put the other foot into the wagon and away we will go.


KleoPatra said...

"My urge for junk food is slowly disintegrating" - that's a good sign!

t. said...

Way to go girl!
I did not ellipticized (brilliant wording!) at all this week (I have never actually!) but I am really happy you did!
Keep on fighitng!