Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Me and samosas

Happy Fourth of July to all of you Americans!

Well, I could not resist those samosas this weekend. I am human, after all. Let me indulge you in my indulgence. These samosas had the most crispy and thin shell that I've ever tasted. The potato/pea stuffing was just the right amount of spice, and very tenderly roasted. And these piping hot samosas dipped in chutney - were to DIE for. Sigh. It was a one-night stand, and it's over now...but boy, was it good! That's the thing about me and samosas. We can never resist each other.

We were also given about 1/2 dozen samosas to take home and enjoy during the week....and I feel guilty, but we threw them out. Better than feeling guilty because I devoured all of them - but still. We thought about bringing them to work to share with our colleagues, but they need to be heated properly, etc. So, in the trash they went.

There were other delectables at my mother-in-law's soiree. Oven-roasted spicy potatoes, curry-stuffed eggplant, and delicious fried rice. All of it was happily consumed by my tummy, but I did put up a fight first. Oh well - it's not often that my mother-in-law makes all my favourites!

The picnic on Sunday was fabulous. It was a really casual picnic with great food. We showed up, and ate some barbeque veggie dogs, vegan potato salad, and some very fresh organic green salad. Someone also made some delicious oatmeal cookies for dessert. It was sweltering outside, so we hid in the shade until we couldn't stand the heat any longer. A company called "True Blue" had donated some delicous blueberry juice - it was great!

And the surprise brunch for the hubby was very yummy. It wasn't a surprise after all, because he's a very nosy fellow and likes to interefere when I'm in the kitchen (!), but he really enjoyed my attempt at a vegetarian English fry-up. I'll do it again sometime, when it's really a surprise!

And finally, there was a Beverly Hills 90210 marathon on TV last night. Anyone watch that show? I watched it religiously when I was in high school...and unfortunately, I got caught up in many, many hours of episodes yesterday. It was soooo cheesy - I can't believe I ever watched that show!


A new day now, and it's back down to business. Except, it's really hard today. Isn't it amazing how you can do really well for several days at a time, and all it takes is one meal to throw you off course? Your body begins to crave refined carbs and sugar just like *that*. I'm fighting back, with all that I've got - and I will get through today cheat-free. Tomorrow will be easier.

My gym bag is packed, and I'm heading over right after work. Tomorrow is my yoga class, Thursday is the gym again, and Friday will be my usual swimming. I can do it!

For now, I'm going to fill up on water and pray that this afternoon goes by quickly and without any chocolate incidents. Pray with me, please!:-)


Shaunta said...

Mmmmmm.......all your yummies sound so delish! I ate eggplant for the first time the other day and I loved it :)

Urban Vegan said...

sammmmmmmosas. my favorite.

when I was in India, I was shocked to see that the samosa were about 3x the size that they are here.

Peter Matthes said...

Samosas are amazing.

I have an Indian place very close to my house that makes great ones.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Those samosas sound awesome, a friend of mine makes them with Phyllo dough and then bakes them, slight more point friendly but not as good as the original version.
Those pancakes sound incredible. I was in Toronto once for business, it was actually 3hrs outside of Toronto so I saw the airport. I want to go back to go shopping at Sephore and H&M

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Those samosas sound so good, my friend makes them with phyllo dough and bakes them, slightly point friendlier but not quite the same.
OMG those pancakes sound amazing.I was in Toronto once for a meeting, only really saw the airport. I want to come back to go shopping at Sephora and H&M :)

pinknest said...

oh god now you've gotten me craving samosas!!

KleoPatra said...

Thanks for the nice 4th of July wishes... samosas are fantastic. I wish i had one right now!