Monday, July 10, 2006


First of all, thank you a million times over for all of your good wishes!!!! I am completely overwhelmed, and grateful. I enjoy so many of your blogs already, and it looks like through your comments, I've found some more great reading! Thanks again...I'm in awe of your kindness.:-)

Well, the strangest thing about being pregnant right now is the whole "spreading the news" etiquette. Of course, blog announcements are easy since there's some degree of relative anonymity! Our family knows. And now, we've started spreading the news to close friends. The weirdest feeling is leading a "secret life" at work. I haven't been able to tell my boss and colleagues for a million good reasons - but I'm afraid that the time is coming close. My pants are ultra-tight, and I'm unbuttoning them while I'm sitting at my desk! That's when I realized enough was enough. My boss is on holidays this week, so perhaps when he's back....

Eating is a challenge, because I'm either (a) hugely paranoid about everything I'm putting in my mouth or (b) totally nonchalant, because it's easy to "forget" that I'm feeding someone else!

When I was going through periods of fatigue and nausea, nothing healthy appealed to me. I honestly had no appetite for anything other salt & vinegar chips. Which is hardly what I should have been eating! I was craving salt, sour...and macaroni & cheese. I could have eaten mac & cheese every single day! It's honestly a wonder that I didn't gain a million pounds, but I was trying hard to be active on days when I wasn't tired.

Now, I'm really trying to get good balance in my diet. Plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables....which is really what ANYONE should be striving for anyway! So, all this ramble to say that my dieting goals haven't changed at all, except that I'm not as calorie conscious. I'm still going to be mindful of good carbs, and will aim for balance.

Oh, and I used to HATE mint-chocolate chip ice-cream. It was the worst flavour at Baskin Robbins, in my mind. And now, I can't get enough of the stuff (within moderation, of course!). The hubby thinks it's absolutey atrocious.


So, here are my exercise goals for the week:

Monday - gym (elliptical and treadmill)
Tuesday - 5K walk (if the rain ever stops!)
Wednesday - yoga
Thursday - gym
Friday - swimming

And today, here's my menu:

Breakfast - whey protein shake
Snack - one nectarine, a lite babybel cheese, and a handful of hickory-smoked almonds
Lunch - one small organic burrito, one plain ff organic yogurt, baby carrots, and some strawberry tomatoes
Snack - one red apple, almond butter, and 2 vegetarian turkey slices
Pre-workout - one glass of skim milk
Dinner - (inspired by Megan) noodle bowl (brown rice noodles, chick peas, and veggies) with a a green salad


And tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment where I get weighed in "officially". I know that some gain is inevitable, and I'm cool with long as my weight doesn't spiral out of control because of unhealthy or overeating.


totegirl said...

OMG! I didn't even know any of this! I'm so excited for you, and I won't pressure you to adopt me anymore since your household will be growing soon. Congrats, congrats, congrats!

Jen said...

Eating is tricky while you are expecting isn't it? I used to crave ice. I would chomp on ice from dawn until dusk..chomp chomp. The worst was craving anything doughy and sweet. Bad bad. You are doing a great job though! Good for you :)

KleoPatra said...

Balance is key!

Good for you to keep blogging while so much is going on. It will help you keep track of things...

Sonya, do keep up the good work -- for TWO now!!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

The fact that your mentioning balance in your writing means the thoughts are in your head so that's half the battle. Your plan looks awesome.

Peter Matthes said...

Baskin Robbins Vanilla Chocolate Chip ROCKS!

The Venus said...

Hah your new cravings are funny. It's amazing how chemicals changing in the body for whatever reason change your taste. Good for you keeping your eye on your health in this whole process!

KleoPatra said...

Hope your doc's appt. went well...