Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pregnancy Arithmetic

Well, being pregnant and gaining weight is a reality. The issue for me has always been how MUCH weight gain is appropriate for me? Seeing as I've already got some, ahem, fluff on my body - I shouldn't be gaining more than 15-20lbs in total during my pregnancy. That's according to a couple of doctors, and all my googling.

Well, I was about 208-210 pre-pregnancy. I weighed in last week, and was at 215.5. Not bad, right?. Today, I was at 218. Wowza. I was shocked.

Like I said, don't get me wrong - I've fully adapted to the idea of weight gain during pregnancy. It's inevitable. As long as I keep eating healthy, and continue to exercise - the rest is in nature's hands. But a 10lb (almost) gain in total is daunting.

But rationalizing this, I'm 18 weeks along. I've got 22 weeks to go (almost 1/2 way there!!!). I've been told that I can expect to gain about 1/2 lb per week. So, if I can stick to that, I'll be okay. That's if I can stick to that.

I was reading a post by someone on a pregnancy forum the other day who was 120 pre-preg, and went up to 180 during her pregnancy. Easy math - that's 60lbs. Her baby was born at 5.5lbs. Isn't that astounding? She thinks it's because she ate some crazy, processed stuff during her pregnancy. But still. It frightens me a bit.

Exercise has been great this week so far. Eating during the day has also been great. But the last two nights, my hubby has been working VERY late. And lonliness really set in for me. And in all honesty, I was generous with my food intake. Too generous. One of my triggers is eating when I'm lonely and bored, and I need to work on overcoming that.

So, I'm definitely not DIETING. I need to focus on eating healthy, nutritious food - and the right number of calories for me. And the rest is not in my hands!


A VP of a company that I interviewed with a few months ago (but declined the job) called me up out of the blue last week, and asked me out to lunch for today. Of course, I accepted.

Well, call it preggo-foggy brain, but I totally forgot about it. Until 8:30 this morning when the alarm when off an hour later than it was supposed to. And I was lying in bed, thinking about how I might go for a walk at lunch...and then I remembered. And I starting flipping out.

Why was this a big deal? Well (a) I hadn't done ANY research on what the company has been doing recently and (b) The "what to wear" issue had not been sorted out. And for a gal with a slowly burgeoning belly, it's very stressful to find clothes to wear. Especially since I didn't want to walk into the lunch, and announce my pregnancy right away. So I needed something concealing.

The hubby was still home, and tried to calm me down. But I could see worry in his eyes too. Not good. I tried on three outfits - all of them were horrendous. Either too informal, or made me look like an aging pensioner. I pulled out my old suit - the one that I wore about 3 months ago. And I said a quick prayer. And then I tried the pants on. They fit. Barely. It was a squeeze. But miraculously, the outfit worked. I'm now sitting here at work with my pants unbuttoned...sigh of relief.

I hate outfit traumas.


And finally, cottage cheese was something I loathed for YEARS - my entire life, in fact. The weird texture, the smell, everything about it made the experience awful.

And today, I discovered cottage cheese with chopped up fruit. I'm enjoying some now! Yum.

Pregnancy does some weird stuff to your taste-buds, that's for sure.


pinknest said...

i love cottage cheese with fruit. my favorite is adding pineapple, grapefruit or mango. it's such a great and healthy snack!

ps i hate that hectic scramble looking for an outfit. ugh. such a mess.

Becky said...

Hey Sonya!
Have you bought maternity clothes yet? You are almost 5 months along, time for shopping!:)
i know what you mean about cottage cheese, I cannot stand the stuff. When my mom was pregnant with me she couldn't smell, see or taste chicken without feeling sick lol

Sonya said...

Hey Becky!

Yes - I've bought a few things - some elasticky-waisted jeans (woo hoo!), and a couple of t-shirts. I'm going to San Fran next week, and will do some good shopping there, since we don't have GAP maternity here in Canada.

Maternity clothes are soooo comfy.

KleoPatra said...

I don't like the outfit scramble either...

I used to hate then love and now i rarely eat but still like cottage cheese. The cravings are real, from what i understand. I'll be enjoying reading about yours!

Hope the weight situation sorts itself out, baby!! :o)

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I have yet to embrace cottage cheese. I remember when I was very young my Father decided to make perogies with cottage cheese...all the filling fell out. I thought it was a sign :)

Your conscious about eating healthy and exercising, you are going to be just fine.

Old Navy has maternity and their a division of Gap

Jen said...

You are doing great, and yes almost half way there! I gained lots and LOTS of weight each time I was pregnant. Ugh. I haven't lost it yet and my "baby" is 6, lol. But I didn't have the healthiest of attitudes back then.

My tastebuds went nutto when I was pregnant too Sonya. You'll find yourself hating things you once loved, and vice versa. Weird.

Living to Feel Good said...

My close friend is pregnant right now. She's due in 3 weeks. She loved Salmon and ate it about 3 times a week. Now she can't even look at that or cucumbers. Cucumbers were another thing she ate lot before pregnant. It would be good for me to hate Mexican food when I'm pregnant. ;) I'll probably crave it even more though.

Have you tried Old Navy for clothes yet? That where my friend got most of her maternity clothes.