Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A quick update

I tried to eliminate all sugar from my diet (all at once, of course) on Monday. Talk about painful. I was doing well until around 5:30 in the evening...when the lack of sugar, fatigue, and a good workout at the gym seemed to collide. I felt like I was going to collapse, honestly. I did have some high-carb stuff - a few bites of pasta, some deep-fried spicy dough thingies...and other stuff that I definitely did NOT need. But it was like instant relief, the second the sugar went coursing through my veins. Relief mixed with guilt. Ugh, the guilt.

It's really amazing to be this "in-tune" with my body - and yet scary, to realize how dependant I've become on bad carbs.

So, my mistake (as always) was trying to quit cold turkey. I should be working on a transition plan. Now, I'm trying to use fruit to fool my body into thinking it's getting a "hit" of sugar. We'll see how that works out.

Yesterday, was a much better day! I had a lovely lunch with a couple of girlfriends - we got a blanket and some sandwiches and sat under a tree in the park. And got caught up on loads of gossip! Fun! I had the best-sandwich-in-the-entire-universe. Honestly. I only discovered this sandwich place yesterday. I had a whole-wheat baguette with basil pesto, avocado, portabello mushrooms, arugula, and goat cheese. And the sandwich was all toasted and warm. Yummy.

Lunch will be a huge challenge today. I'm meeting some friends at the Indian buffet. I've already got a plan - one plate of food - and it will be mostly veggies and protein, and one *small* piece of bread. I'm already loaded up on water, and had a lovely snack about 20 minutes ago. I will not get carried away at the buffet. Repeat! I will not get carried away.

So tonight, is my yoga class which I'm really looking forward to. The truth is, I'm usually really grumpy and tired by the end of the day, and I have to DRAG myself to the studio. But after the class is done, I feel all warm and floaty on the way home...and I'll try and remember that whole feeling tonight when I'm trying to come up with a million excuses as to why I "can't" go.

That's all for me! Thank goodness it's Wednesday - only two more days until the weekend again! And wish me luck at the buffet...I'll post an update later.


KleoPatra said...

Hope yoga was good! I am a carb lover, so i am the last person to offer advice about quittin' 'em... plus i know we need 'em, so i would not advocate eliminating them... even simple sugars are OK in moderation.

It is more important than ever, as you know, Sonya, to be smart about what you do and don't do to your body!

Great that you had fun with your girlfriends. I love time with mine, though it's few and far between most of the time. I enjoyed picturing you gossiping and giggling! That's true magic!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Good luck at the Buffet!
That sandwich sounds amazing.

Urban Vegan said...

I admire your trying to cut out sugar. That's something I should do.

Agave nectar is much less refined than sugar and has a lower glycemic index, if you ever want a little sweet without the "crash and burn" effect.

KleoPatra said...

How are you feeling today?! Don't forget an update... hope all is well, Sonya!

pinknest said...

oh god i know what you mean about the passing out feeling and fatigue. no good!! so how did the indian brunch go?? i always get so bloated from indian. lol!