Thursday, July 20, 2006

A visit with the nutritionist

...just got back from my appointment with the nutritionist.

I disengaged within the first five minutes because she was truly obnoxious. She took three phone calls during our appointment, and they weren't quick one's. And on one of the calls, she totally breached confidentiality rules by giving out some personal information relating to a patient, with me in the room!

She started off our appointment by telling me that because I have some excess weight, and happen to be East Indian, I'm pretty much going to contract diabetes during my pregnancy. End of story. In response to my dumb-struck look, she said, "There are worse things you could have, so I'd be happy if I were you."

The rest of the appointment was somewhat similar, and I was staring at my watch, waiting for it to be over.

So, it stank. She basically told me that I'm eating "disgustingly healthy" during my pg (what a joke!), and that she has no recommendations for me. Really, none. Despite the fact that I'm vegetarian. Despite the fact that I sometimes lack variety in my diet. And despite the fact that I need to keep my weight in check during my pregnancy. I know that I'm not CLUELESS when it comes to diet and nutrition, but I was hoping for a little more guidance.

Oh well. The positive thing that came out of it, is that it raised a level of consciousness in my diet that has been missing for some time.

Other than that, the diet and exercise regimen has been going relatively well this week. There was a scoop of maple-walnut ice-cream last night, after dinner. And I think another minor offence on Tuesday. But all in all, mostly in check. Tonight, it's a 5K walk after my massage appointment.

I'm starving right now, though - so I best go and grab a snack!


Jen said...

What in the world??? I read this with my mouth hanging open. Zowie, she sounds like a gem. Hmph.

iportion said...

Wow :-(
Maybe you should find a dietitian instead.
Some people call themselves nutritionist s are that in name only.

The Venus said...

Ugh I hope you didn't have to pay her for that non-advice.

jodi said...

i would've said something like, "shall i come back another time?" or "would you mind not answering the phone when we're talking"... i can't stand rude people and just because they have a 'title', it doesn't give them the right to be an a**hole... what happened to being polite? grrrrr

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I have a friend who had a bad experience with a nutritionist. That's awful that you had to waste your time on that woman.
I think dieticians actually have to have schooling behind them.
When I did a clinic at Running Room they brought in a "nutritionist" who advised us all to have himalayan sea salt even the people with high blood pressure...craziness.

Living to Feel Good said...

obnoxious! I totally hate that. Thought about seeing someone else?

KleoPatra said...

Oh, wow, that IS obnoxious. She sounds just clueless. I am sorry that happened to you. What a waste of your precious time, Sonya.

Bet you have more knowledge than she does about nutrition. I loathe people in that profession who are so unprofessional. I went to a nutritionist years ago and she was no more knowledgeable than i... it was disheartening and disappointing.

Hope you are going to find a better person to discuss your nutrition and nutritional needs with, Sonya!

hopefulloser said...

If it makes you feel better, try someone else. But I bet you could do it on your own.

My sister-n-law has a great idea (as she is prego too). She looked up recommended diets for pregos online and printed out a weekly chart. It basically lists out how many proteins, fruits, or whatever she's supposed to have in a day with check boxes next to them. Then throughout the day she checks them off when she eats them. So she knows without thinking too hard that she's fullfilled her healthy requirement.

I'm so happy for you and love that you're sharing this experience. I hope to have a similar story soon too :-)

t. said...

I say kill her. Not worth your time, your money or your stress! What is her problem? Getting patients as stressed and bitchy as she is so she can feel better about her acid self?
I would suggest you to go to another doctor, just to know what she/he would be able to tell you this woman "forgot"...

Hugs to you and cat scratches to her!