Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy full

My tummy is full of good food right now. I just taught my night class, and was totally exhuasted when Hubby picked me up. I didn't want leftover pizza from yesterday. So, we went to our neighbourhood vegetarian restaurant (still open at 10:30!), and got some takeout.

I got the Thai Noodles - rice noodles in a spicy carrot-coconut-ginger sauce, with steamed greens and marinated tofu. The portion is HUGE. I had a bowl for dinner, and there's a-plenty for lunch tomorrow too!

DH got the "Power House" rice bowl - brown rice with a spicy tahini sauce drizzled on top, chick peas, toasted nuts, sliced avocado, grilled tofu steaks, and sunflower sprouts on top.

Now, my cuppa chamomile tea is brewing...and I get to cradle it in my hands, wear my pyjamas, and blissfully rest my head on the sofa arm until I feel sleepy.

My first aquafit class is tomorrow night - I'm looking forward to it! 27 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Unbelievable. I'm almost at 7 months. Where is the time going?


And a weird thing that I've been debating. Hubby and I finally came to middleground on a boy's name (in case we're having a bambino instead of a bambina). We both quite like it.

Well, a very distant family friend of my parents have a son with that same name. He's 21 years old now. I haven't seen this kid since he was like, six years old. In a bizarre twist of fate, he died over the weekend. I'm not sure the cause of death, but I just found out. Very tragic - he was so young.

Now, I'm not sure about the name. It may sound silly, but I feel like it's a bit ill-fated. I know that sounds really insensitive and selfish - and I don't mean it to be. It's just that, how do you have a positive association with the name when something like that happened?

Problem is, we *really* like the name - and it took AGES to come to agreement. Now what?


Jackie said...

Oh man, thats a tough one. One i dont have an answer to!

Go with your gut though.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Would it be possible to wait and meet your bambino/a before deciding, that way maybe your instincts will know what the right name is.

KleoPatra said...

I'm so sorry about your family friend... that is very young. :o( I would still go with the name you chose, because you like it so much... And your baby will bring NEW life to that name. Ya know?

My friend who passed away a few weeks ago, Emilie, i was thinking if i ever have a child and it's a girl, i would name her Emilie... Just a thought on my part here!

Glad you are eating well, staying active, making good choices for yourself and your body, and feeling good, Sonya. Be good to you.


Living to Feel Good said...

7 months already??!! I can't believe it!!

pinknest said...

ohhh, i kind of agree with just waiting and seeing. or just going with your gut feeling. that's always best. if you truly love the name and know it's just right, then i say do it. EVERYTHING in life has associations, so you can't harp on them too much.

ps i forgot to tell you, my dad is from hubli in karnataka!