Tuesday, October 31, 2006

8 weeks to go!

I can't believe this baby could be here anywhere from 6-8 weeks from now. Wowza. That's like, waiting for a sofa delivery or something.

My mom had my East Indian function thing for me on Sunday. It was really lovely. I left my camera at my parents house, but when I get it back, I'll post some pictures. Good food, good company. And a bit emotional for me. Basically, ladies put bangles on my wrists, and wished me well...it was amazing to see my entire arms covered in beautiful, colourful bangles! Emotional, because it's still overwhelming to think about being pregnant.

We had an ultrasound on Friday, to check the baby's growth. Oh my, he/she is going to be a bruiser! 4lbs already. They gain about 1/2lb a week until birth - but at this rate, perhaps it's more? My husband and I are both very tall - so it's understandable that the baby will be equivalently loooong.:-) There was a lovely shot of the baby's face - eyes closed, hands in front....very sleepy and endearing. Just like daddy, I think.

Eating has been okay. I think I always say that, don't I? What does "okay" mean anyway, lol? The last two weeks have been filled with lots of sweets, especially leftover from my shower. And I'm definitely hooked now! Especially on Indian sweets. Yummmmm. I must stop this addiction.

Sleeping is getting a bit uncomfortable, and I'm starting to feel "heavier" when I walk. But I'm still trucking along, as they say.

I'm still going to aquafit once a week, and same with yoga. I'd like to try and add some more activity during the week, so I need to work on a plan. Especially because I'm finishing work next week. I'm very excited! I can't wait to have some "me" time. I'll still be teaching my course, so that'll keep me busy in between. Plus, there's a TON of stuff that needs to get done in our place, so I'll be checking items off a list for awhile to come. Either way, I'm really glad to have the breathing time.

As I finish typing this, I realize how sleepy I feel right now....what i would give for an afternoon nap! First, I must go and eat. For the third time this morning, lol.


iportion said...

Good luck :-)
happy halloween
just six to eight weeks, how time flies :-)

alea said...

Time sure flies when you're having fun... Only 6-8 weeks to go, how exciting!

The East Indian function thing sounds very nice! Can't wait to see the pics. :)

Take care

Christy said...

Make sure you don't buy too many newborn outfits, I have a girlfriend who's super tall (as is her hubby) and I think the baby went almost directly into 3-6 months clothing becuase she was so tall!

Heh, I liked the comment about a sofa delivery. Can't wait to see pictures!

pinknest said...

oooh i would've loved to see pics from the function! oh well.

waiting for a sofa delivery. lol!!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Oh wow, those weeks will fly!
I'm happy that you enjoyed your function and I'm sure there will be more blessings to come.

Belladora said...

It's amazing how quickly this is going by. I can't wait to see pictures:)