Monday, October 16, 2006

A me-me-me one, because I'm lazy...

Stolen off another blog, to which I am too tired to link - but doubt that the owner would mind.;-)

I AM: Excited, Overwhelmed, Anxious, and Grateful - for the impending arrival of my baby.

I WANT: To be healthy and fit forever.

I WISH: I could lose weight by eating chocolate like it was going out of style.

I HATE: Arame. And Kimchi. Both of which were in a macrobiotic rice bowl I ate this weekend, and the whole thing made me want to hurl. I did finish the meal off with a raw vegan chocolate fudge square, which made up for things.

I MISS: Cosmopolitan martinis. Oh god do I miss them. I thought about pouring myself some cranberry cocktail in a martini glass the other night. But the thought of a pregnant lady with a martini glass made me laugh. Perhaps I should have done it anyway.

I WONDER: whether my baby will look like me or my husband. Well he/she inherit his laugh? His smile? Since I could look into my husband's eyes forever, I would love for the baby to look like him.

I REGRET: Gaining back all the weight I'd lost before I got married. Oh well - at least that's one regret I can change now. Some of them, can't be reversed that easily. In fact, some of them can't be reversed.:-(

I AM NOT: Prepared for motherhood. Seeing as I like to prepare for everything else in my life, this one is a toughie. But I think that'll be half the fun!

I DANCE: To almost anything when I'm happy. With or without music. Whenever, and wherever. There's a lot of joy in shaking my arms and swaying my hips, and singing along to a good song.

I SING: when I'm at home alone, blasting my music. Or when I've had one too many at the pub.

I CRY: During cheesy movies and commercials. Or when I go travelling to developing countries, and I see little children begging for money. It breaks my heart.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: patient. I like things to happen right away - like, just because I want them to! Especially when I'm hungry. I gots NO patience.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Cookies and Brownies, recently. Baking is incredibly fun.

I WRITE: Far too many work e-mails. I'd much prefer to write here, or in a diary. I miss writing snail-mail letters to pen-pals. That was fun.

I CONFUSE: Pavarotti (the singer), with Panzerotti (the pizza pocket) all the time. It makes my husband laugh so hard - and it always takes me a moment or two to realize I've messed up.

I NEED: a break from work. A long, relaxing break. So that I can do yoga, and read, and bake all day. Sigh.

I SHOULD: Print off all my travel pictures. Organize my closet. Fold the laundry that's piling up. Ignore all that crap, and keep blogging!

I START: worrying when I have nothing to really worry about. Yep, it's true.

I FINISH: my day off with a nice cuppa chamomile tea, and a deep sigh of relief.


Christy said...

What a fantastic post!

Urban Vegan said...

thanks for this honest post. even though everyone gains weight, pregnancy sure seems to be "enlightening." Sounds like you are very well balanced.

pinknest said...

lol! i love your confusion over the opera singer and pizza. :)

LSNY said...

that is so GREAT
thanks for sharing