Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A report on the baby shower!

Holy smokes, it's weird that I'm posting about this. Baby shower time = baby's arrival soon. Okay, Okay - I'm sure you're getting tired of my disbelief over this whole thing - but honestly, I still can't believe that in 2 months, I'll be holding this little bambino/bambina in my arms.

So yesterday was my not-so-surprise baby shower.:-) The hubby spoiled it a few weeks ago. I did manage to put on a good "deer caught in headlights" look when I walked in the room - but honestly, I was really shocked. I was surprised when my eyes welled up with tears, at the sight of so many people there for me.

It was a WONDERFUL afternoon. My mother-in-law planned the whole thing. There were so many lovely little touches - I especially loved the Pooh Bear theme. I've always adored Pooh, and was glad that they decided on that. I don't have a nursery theme or anything, but there will definitely be lots of Pooh touches throughout! Anyway, there were amazing decorations (beautiful balloons, streamers, confetti), yummy food, and amazing company. Nice to feel like a bit of a princess for a few hours, even if it wasn't entirely for me.;-)

Some cute games were played, and I am blessed to have received so many wonderful gifts. We left them at my mother-in-law's, because we were too exhausted to load up the trunk yesterday. And honestly, I think it'll take two full carloads to get everything home! So, I can't remember everything that I got, because I was a bit shocked throughout it all. But here's the best recollection I can make, for Christy. A pooh-bear crib mobile. Lots of cute gunds and other stuffed animals. A fisher price highchair. Jolly Jumper BF pillow. Tons of clothes - yes, in yellow (none in green, oddly enough) and white. My mother-in-law bought an ensemble of onsies that say, "I want my mummy", "I love my daddy", "Going to grandma's", "I love grandpa", etc. Very cute. Receiving blankets. Bibs. Toys. An amazing acquarium /playstation thingie (you know, the thing where you put the baby in, and he/she is in his/her own entertainment centre?).....and the list goes on. My mom and dad bought us a really beautiful glider and ottoman, which will come in handy during those sleepless nights!

And next week, my mom is having a small ceremony for me. It's an East Indian thing. The pregnant woman wears a beautiful new sari, and other ladies put bangles on her wrists, feed her sweets, and sing her songs to wish the baby well. Cool, huh? Lots of baby celebrations!

Here's the weird part. When I was opening all the gifts, as cute as everything was, it just didn't HIT me that all of this was for my baby. I don't think it's really struck me yet. Okay, repeat from the first paragraph of this blog entry, I know...but still! I think when the nursery is finished and all of our stuff is bought, it will start to sink in...

Two weeks until I'm done work! And then a 5-7 week wait (hopefully no more than that!) for the baby's arrival.


Oh lordy, did I feast yesterday. I know, I know - it was my baby shower. But you have NO idea how much food I consumed. Chocolate cake, sweets, canapes galore....oh, my. I did go to the gym this morning, but still. Guilt washes over me.

Aquafit tomorrow night - must burn some more calories!

Okay, a baby-dominated entry fo' sho'. Sorry!


Christy said...

That's one thing that most people walk away from showers with, an overwhelming feeling by the people who come and how generous they are. Sounds like it was a great shower! The one next weekend sounds fabulous!!

I know what you mean about not feeling that this stuff is for YOUR baby. My husband and I were folding some baby laundry last night and we kept holding up the different little onsies and sleepers and just laughing, I can't believe I am going to have a baby and will be dressing them in these outfits.... it's all so surreal.

2 more weeks of work left - yay! I'm thinking about maybe leaving 3 weeks early, which means only 4 weeks left for me. I was going to try to make it to only 2 weeks before the due date, but the closer I get, the more I'm thinking 3 :)

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I'm so excited for you, it will hit you soon enough. Enjoy the here and now and all the wonderful celebrations.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Sonya, you are an awesome human being and if I'm ever in the T.O we must do lunch :)

totegirl said...

I'm so happy for you! I especially love the description of the ceremony your mom will be doing for you. It sounds absolutely beautiful. Yay! More details and maybe some pictures soon? Take care of you!

Michelle said...

I'm glad your shower was so great...who care what you ate! ;)

I am so excited for you to have your baby...you will sit and stare at him or her for hours. You and your husband will so amazed at this beautiful little package the 2 of you have created.

And I hope there will be a ton of pictures posted too!!!!

Belladora said...

That East Indian ceremony sounds really cool! I'm glad you are enjoying all of this...it's not like you get to experience this time very often. Enjoy it!