Tuesday, November 28, 2006

4 weeks to go until the bubby arrives...

...or maybe a teensy-bit less, I hope!;-) Actually, I'm content to wait a couple of more weeks until I know the baby is done baking. Plus, we're still nowhere near prepared - so I need the extra time!

Just got back from aquafit. There was a problem with the pool, and the water was MUCH colder than usual - it was freezing! So our instructor got us working really hard, quickly. It's great being in the water, with all that resistance. Makes me feel weightless, lol! Especially with my big belly in the way. So, dinner's cooking on the stove, and I'm just relaxing for a few minutes while the rice finishes.

Hard to describe what we're eating for dinner, because it's South-Indian. I'll try. It's a stew made from yogurt, and spices - with an Indian vegetable (like a melon) in it. We eat that on top of brown rice. With that, we're having chopped up green beans, sauteed with mustard seeds and a few other lentils. And, I made a south-indian style potato (chopped up, also sauteed with mustard seeds, lentils, a bit of chili powder, and turmeric). Sorry if that sounds really confusing - it's hard to describe that style of cooking!

I'm feeling okay. I go through periods in the afternoon where I just want to crash for hours. I can't walk for long periods of time (my back starts hurting). And sitting on the couch is also starting to feel uncomfortable. I was occupied last night during Prison Break, though! It was an awesome episode.

I can definitely feel the baby getting bigger inside me. Movements are no longer "flutters" or "kicks", but rather, "nudges" and "rolls". Tells me that little baby is running out of room, and is elbowing around in there. Hopefully, he/she will be checking out of "Hotel Mama" in 3-ish weeks.:-)

So, the next project is getting the nursery done. All the furniture is in there - it's just a matter of organizing and sorting through some stuff, and maybe buying more stuff. I tell you, buying for the baby is never-ending. And I know that this is just the beginning!

And finally, I can't WAIT to have my old body back. I never thought I'd say that in a million years, seeing as I was not happy with my old body. But I miss running outside. I miss bending over. I miss sweating up a storm while exercising. I want to go back to it again! Isn't that weird? You'd think that it'd become easy to get complacent about exercising once you stop doing it so vigorously....but I actually miss it.

I want to lose all my excess weight once and for all. And I'm not setting unrealistic expectations about what I can do once the baby is here. But I will say that it's an opportunity. I'll be off work on maternity leave for a year - and by the time my body has recovered from labour (in February), spring will be just around the corner. I'm definitely going to train for my first 10K run in May. I might even sign up with my personal trainer again, if hubby can watch the baby one night a week. I can't wait!

I'd like to be at my goal weight by the end of next year - and I'm going to do it!


Michelle said...

You are such an inspiration! I'm so glad I found your blog - I'll be checking up on your posts daily! Take care!

Living to Feel Good said...

Your dinner sounds interesting and yummy!

jeannie* said...

What a great post!! Good for you! This is such an exciting time in your life and I'm sure things will be super different when the baby comes around... but that doesnt mean you need to stop focusing on YOU!! You can do it! And if you can do it with an infant at home, I have NO excuses :) heehee. Thanks for the inspiration.

Christy said...

I could have written that post. I'm done being pregnant and cant' wait to move onto the next stage. I can't wait to get my body back - it's funny, I was looking back at my pictures from being 13 weeks pregnant (wasn't showing yet) and I thought I was big then?

I can't wait to start running again, to start watching what I eat and do everything else that you said (the whole bending over will be fun)

It will be here before we know it, and we can hold each other accountable!!!!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Time will fly for sure. I hear you on the getting to goal, not that I'm having a baby :)

You'll have everything ready for the big event - have no doubt.

Your dinner sounds amazing!

Living to Feel Good said...

Sonya I think you could totally have a boy or girl wear that outfit I bought. They also have another onesie in an olive color, but it doesn't have the bunnies on it. Go to GwenStefani.com then click shop, then click Harajukugirls, then click shop, then click shop online, then click baby. Sorry I don't have time to look for the direct link since I am getting ready for work.

Have a good day! :D

Michelle said...

You're very welcome! :) Hmmm ... the first answer to what goes best with the salsa is chips LOL but it's great over salad too!

pinknest said...

yummm....indian! haven't had it in awhile, i feel.

so...do the new kind of kicks hurt??

Sonya said...

Thanks for all of your lovely comments!!! I can honestly say with conviction that it's going to happen this time - so that I'm a strong and healthy momma to my little one!

Pink - no - the nudges don't really hurt, luckily. But sometimes when I'm trying to rest, it can be a bit distracting.;-)

duenneschen said...

what an exciting time!! and an entire year off...how nice to be able to spend that much time with your child!

i can't wait to hear about your 10k training!!!