Wednesday, November 08, 2006

French Fries, more blogging to come, and other random stuff

I'll start with french fries. I had an insatiable craving last night. Plus, it was my last day of work and I was feeling a bit emotional. So, we went to the local pub where hubby had his pints, and I had my gingerale. And some delicious chip-truck style french fries with a veggie burger. I did feel guilty, but gosh they were good. I'm definitely laying off the fries until my birthday, which is in early December.:-)

I've gone from feeling overwhelmed about work and general craziness, to now being overwhelmed about stuff to do for this baby's arrival. We are SO behind. And I'm a planner. So this is causing me concern. At the moment, we have a crib and a change-table. That's it. We did get some lovely gifts from our shower, which will help us when the baby's a bit older - but we need to buy a TON of things.

So, my task for the rest of the morning is to start that big list!

We had our prenatal classes this past weekend, and saw THE video. You know, the one with the live birth. I can't say that I didn't cringe at certain parts, but it was exactly what I expected, I suppose. I keep telling myself it looks worse than it will feel.:-) The hubby looked a bit pale during the video, but so did all the other husbands in the room - who can blame them? The whole weekend was spent discussing reproductive organs, breasts, and poopy diapers! Fun stuff.

The hubby and I signed up for a yoga class together, just for "expecting couples". Isn't that cool? My other prenatal yoga series ended, and I found this one for BOTH of us. I'm excited, because it's something we can do together. It'll end very close to my due date (eeeeks!) - so it's something to look forward to. It starts next week.

I also need to work on my exercise schedule for the next little while. Add that to the "to do" list!

So this was a bunch of random stuff. I'm feeling okay. Our place needs cleaning and tidying - maybe when I'm done with that, I'll feel a bit calmer. What is it about cleaning that is so therapeutic?

And now that I have more time, I will definitely blog more. I'll post some pictures from the showers, too - I finally got my camera back.

7 weeks to go. Wowza.


alea said...

Yay! I'm looking forward to more blogging from you!

Christy said...

I always feel SO much better going to bed in a clean house, rather than waking up and knowing how much I have to do.

I too felt overwhelmed with everything we had to buy, but just make a list and tackle things one at a time. I also didn't go TOO overboard because the bottom line is we don't know exactly what we will need until the baby is here. I bought the necessities, but no luxuries. Plus, having a winter baby I think the baby and I will be spending alot of time walking the mall!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I understand the planner thing, I'm also like that.
It will all come together and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you as well.

pinknest said...

the LIVE birth!! hahaha. i think i would need many fries after witnessing that.

Fiona Kator said...

omigod... good luck!