Thursday, November 23, 2006

Let them eat cake

Hubby and I went to see "Marie Antoinette" last night. It was so-so. The soundtrack looks amazing, so I was hoping for a very edgy/modern version of the film...but it was very slow-moving.

You see, hubby and I rarely see eye-to-eye on movies. He likes the gangsta-style films (lots of blood and gore, a la Tarantino). Me - not so much. I don't mind a violent movie every now and then...but I can't watch them consistently. It messes with me! So, when I picked Marie Antoinette last night, he felt obligated to go along for the ride. (Plus - I was grumpy, hormonal, and whiny in my almost-9-months pregnant state. He had no choice!).

We did see the controversial "Borat" together last week, which was entertaining. Nothing more, nothing less. We had a good laugh, and that's about all.

Anyway - in the movie last night, Marie Antoinette eats LOTS of cake, sweets, and drinks champagne all day. I want that to be my life!!! I adore cake. And with fine champagne? Sigh....I can't wait to have my first drink after the baby's here.:-)

On that note - here is the GORGEOUS cake from my baby shower. Gorgeous, isn't it? And it was made egg-free (b/c hubby and I don't eat eggs) - and everyone couldn't stop raving about it. It was INCREDIBLE - moist, rich, not too sweet (but sweet enough) - but most importantly - chocolate!!!!! And the pooh bear was entirely edible.

And please excuse my identity paranoia.:-)

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pinknest said...

what an adorable cake! it reminds me of those big cookie cakes from Mrs. Fields. Remember those?