Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A quick one....

So much for lounging around during my time off! It's been really busy. I can't believe I've been off work for a whole's been non-stop.

A lot of has to do with the class that I teach. Since I've run into some issues with the students, it's been an administrative nightmare. Plus, I'm trying to write a final exam for the course (from scratch, because again - the administration at this university sucks!) which is time consuming. And in between, I'm answering student e-mails.

My hubby thinks that I'm at home, watching television all day. Little does he know that it's 3pm now, and the TV hasn't been turned on ONCE. Not even during lunch - I ate in front of the computer!

So, there's still been no organization around getting ready for the baby. We bought some more stuff over the weekend - a stroller and carseat, some crib sheets, blankets, etc. But our apartment is now swimming in a sea of bags! I need to start figuring all of this stuff out.

I had aquafit last night, and slept like a log. It was great. I also went to the gym this morning, and had a decent workout. It's very hard to ellipticize with the belly in the way, lol. Tomorrow night, our "couples yoga" class starts. I'm excited! Mostly because I get to hang out with the hubby for an hour AND we get exercise in at the same time. I'm really starting to cherish the time we have alone together now, because it's going to be such a whirlwind once this baby arrives.

The baby took up some serious soccer practise in my belly last night. Seriously, I was doing the "belly gazing" thing, watching my stomach quiver in waves. Very cool.

And tonight, hubby and I are going on a "BBB" date night. I made that up myself. First, a stop at Baby's R Us to pick up a Baby Bath. Next, we're eating Bhel (a yummy Indian delicacy) at a nearby restaurant. And then, we're going to see "Borat". I'm so silly, I know. It wasn't planned that way, but hey - if I'm going to have a kid soon, maybe I can get some practise by acting like one!:-)

Sorry I haven't posted my pictures as promised - when I come up for air in a couple of days, I will definitely do that!


Christy said...

Jeff and I are on the same wavelength, trying to spend as much couple time together before the baby comes.

One thing I've heard about the baby bath tubs is if you get the ones that have the slanted back, then the baby is half out of the water and cold! So I got the basic one (I think it was like $11) so the baby can lie all the way down (but then obviously I'd be supporting the head).

Who knows, we don't until we start doing it for ourselves!!!

What stroller did you go with???

Sonya said...

Totally agree on the baby bath. Hubby and I bought one of those "folding" kinds on the weekend, with a slanted back - and we read reviews, and found out it sucked. So it really wasn't worth shelling out extra $ for! We ended up buying a very basic one for $15, and we'll return the other one.

We ended up buying the Peg Perego stroller and carseat. It was definitely more $$ than Graco, but we decided it would be worth it. Plus, we're both very tall people, and the stroller arms are adjustable!

Bugaboo strollers are insane! $1200 to goodness.

Belladora said...

Couples yoga sounds wonderful. It's so great that you are working on spending that special time together. Once that baby comes it's going to be so much harder!!!

Christy said...

Oh yeah those Peg Perego ones are gorgeus!

pinknest said...

i've always wondered what it must feel like to exercise with a baby inside!

what'd you think of borat? i saw it a few weeks ago.

duenneschen said...


thank you for your encouraging comments!

i dont have much experience with babies, but I hope all is well.

couples yoga, is this specific to pregnancy, like pre-natal or is this just something for you and your hubby cuz it sounds fuuuuuuuuuun!

Sonya said...

It's couples yoga - specific to pregnancy. There are other pregnant couples there was okay. Will post about it!

Nadiah Alwi said...

It's always nice to be able to prepare a baby's coming.


Becky said...

I hope you are well!!!