Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh, no - I'm turning into one of "those" moms!

Yes, more pictures of my baby girl! Sorry to subject you to them, but I feel it's my motherly duty to do so.:-) This will subside, I promise. Or maybe not!

Getting back to good habits is going to be much harder than I thought. I've acquired the mighty sweet tooth again. You know, the one that forces me to eat carrot cake after dinner. Or chocolate pudding after lunch. And to candy obsessively.

I don't know why I have this stuff in my house again. With all of the baby chaos, I guess the treats slowly made their way back into the house. And into my life. And we all know how hard it is to get weaned off sugar.

I was supposed to go out for a walk tonight, but the baby decided to postpone her feeding, which kind of messed up my schedule. And honestly, I'm just feeling plain lazy. I need to make more of an effort if this is going to happen. There's no way I can exercise early morning - I'm far too sleep deprived from getting up a few times a night. Evenings are tricky, because I'm exhausted from the day, and my husband's work schedule can be unpredictable.

Taking the baby out during the day is hard, because we're in the middle of the Great Canadian Winter, and she's very fussy.

Ha. I was just going to delete the last couple of paragraphs...because I'm making excuses again. There's a gym in my building. I should take the baby downstairs with me, a couple of times a week. How much easier can it be, for goodness sake?

I've sworn to lose 2lbs by the end of this month, and that's what I'm going to do. Here's my plan for tomorrow:

Eating: breakfast: oatmeal with a whey protein shake, lunch: ww pasta salad with mixed beans and a yogurt, snack 1: protein bar and an apple, snack 2: hummus, crackers, and some grapes, dinner: red rice, indian vegetable stew, and cauliflower stirfy.

Seems like a lot of carbs, but I'm breastfeeding right now and I need to keep my energy levels up. Plus, I'm supposed to be consuming 500 extra calories a day. Unfortunately, not 500 extra calories of chocolate cake.:-(

In terms of exercise tomorrow, I'm going to either (a) go for a 30 minute walk when my husband comes home from work or (b) go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for a bit during the day.

Weigh-in tomorrow morning....gulp.

There. Now I have a plan! Let's hope I can stick to it.


iportion said...

good luck with eating healthy

Jackie said...

shes so beautiful Sonya! We want to see all the pics!!! Glad to see you blogging!!! I have been checking!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Hey, You've gone through a major life change. The fact that you're owning up to the carrot cake is a major step.
It's all about creating a new routine.
You can post as many pictures as you want, she's absolutely adorable :)

jeannie* said...

If I'm struggling to get excercize in and eat healthy... then honestly I'd be scared if you werent struggling! I have no one to worry about but myself! Your life has totally changed and you just need to find what works for you, thats all! So hang in there, slowly ween yourself off the carrot cake, and before you know it youll slide into a nice routine that works for mom, dad and baby :)

And please post as many pictures as you like. Shes beautiful :)

Christy said...

I'm finding it just as hard to jump back on the wagon as you are.... all the same things have invaded my life as well.

Those Cadbury Thins are going to kill me