Sunday, February 04, 2007

27 pounds in 27 weeks

First, a report on the weekend.

Things didn't go so great on the exercise front. And things were a disaster on the eating front on Saturday night. It started out with my in-laws inviting me and hubby over for dinner with the baby. She said that she was going to invite some close family (a few people), because they hadn't seen the baby yet. We weren't really up to venturing out with the baby in this atrociously cold weather, but we managed to bundle up and leave the house in once piece. We were running very late (it happens when you're trying to get out of the house with a newborn baby!), and my mother-in-law kept phoning us to find out where we were at. I wasn't sure why, because it was going to be a very casual dinner.

Well, long story short. We get there, and it's a FULL blown party. I mean, catered food and like, 40-50 people. Everyone's decked out in nice clothes. I barely managed to shower and get into a pair of jeans before we left, with trying to get the baby dressed. My husband and I are totally shell-shocked. The next thing I know, my mother-in-law grabs the baby from me (even before I've taken my coat off), and starts playing "pass the parcel" with her. My little one is being tossed around from person to person, like a football.

Let me just say that I've been having a tough time with my baby girl being sick for the first time. It's really hard to see her suffer. And it took a lot for me to take her out of the house at my mother-in-law's request. And I was absolutey shocked when I saw the number of people who were over. Can I tell you how GUTTED I was, to see my baby being thrown around from person to person, like a hot potato? My father-in-law snapping pictures of her with every SINGLE person in the room the whole while? It was like she was a freaking tourist attraction.

There was absolutely no consideration on the part of my in-laws as to the fact that the baby was sick. Nor did they think anything of inviting the entire town over to their house without warning us. And I'm still dealing with being the mother of a newborn baby.

I might sound selfish and ungrateful. My inlaws probably meant well, as proud grandparents. But hello? How about a little consideration for the baby? For me and my husband?

You might be wondering what my point is! Well, I was upset and angry. My husband and I were helpless. And I pretty much resorted to eating absolute CRAP that evening. Potato chips, indian fried snacks, sweets, pop....I can't even remember. All I know, is that I felt very insecure while watching my baby snatched out of my hands, and wearing my grubby jeans in the midst of a bunch of people who were all dressed up. Horrible.

We left their place WAY too late - the baby was screaming because she was over-tired. And let me tell you the upshot of it all: The baby now has an eye-infection (because some asshole probably neglected to wash their hands before handling the newborn), and she now has a full blown cold. Her nostrils are plugged up, she doesn't know how to breathe through her mouth, and she is SO lethargic and sick right now. I'm SO mad.

I shouldn't have resorted to hogging out, I know. But it's very hard for me to NOT eat when I'm feeling angry or upset. And I was unprepared for all of that to happen.

Sunday was a much better day. No exercise, because i was busy minding the sick little one, but very good eating. I even had time to make a delicous dinner - a winter vegetable stew, chalk-full of vegetables and protein.

Thanks for letting me rant!


So here's the deal. The lovely Becky has inspired me to adopt her challenge of losing 27 pounds in 27 weeks. A goal loss of 1 pound per week is reasonable for me. I'd love to say that I'll lose the standard 2, but I'd rather start out with something reasonable and work my way up!

Here are my goals for this week:

(1) Plan my meals and snacks for each day
(2) Drink 3L of water each day
(3) Get to the gym 3 times during the week (one extra time, because I missed the weekend). I'll go on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I will weigh-in tomorrow morning, even if it kills me. I need to be brave, because I know the number ain't gonna be good. But it can only get better from here, right?


iportion said...

I was so exhausted after I gave birth it’s like I never got enough sleep.
I just want to give you a virtual rose.

No one should expect a new mom to look perfect like TV star. The stars have nannies and stylists.

Just an idea
Get some velvet skirts they are actually easier to get into than genes they look nice and are fairy comfortable.

Baby’s get ill, gastro is not fun just when you think it’s over the puking all over again.
I am sure your in-laws meant well though they probably exposed everyone to your baby’s sickness.

Weight Master said...

It's totally normal to hog out when stressed or angry. No one should expect anyone, to look like TV stars. TV stars aren't even great off camera. Good luck on the new plan.

BJ said...

Hi. I'm so sorry your little angel is sick. I am the same way. You may want to take her to the Doc b/c I, myself, am just getting over pinkeye! It was very painful. I have been taking those antibiotic drops. Poor baby.

I'd also like to comment on the 27 lbs in 27 weeks. That sounds great b/c it's not an overwhelming amount in that time. I've gained myself. I weighed 194 at the dr last week (when I went in for my pinkeye meds). It's so depressing. I also have the emotional eating tendencies. It's very hard to break that.

I hope all goes well with your plan. I plan on reading your blog. Best wishes! OH, and $1K for a wardrobe. That's fantastic!

pinknest said...

omg this is horrible!!! it makes me angry. i'm sorry you all had to go through that. i hope the baby gets better soon!