Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday, at last

This is going to be a real quick one....the baby is occupied with her crib mobile for a few minutes, but I'm not sure for how long!

The baby's cold/virus/eye infection condition worsened this week, and it was really tough. Needless to say, she needs a lot more love and affection right now.:-)

Exercise has been non-existent this week. I planned to go to the gym one night (I even got changed, and got my runners on), but I was too exhausted after a sleepless night with the baby.

However, things have been relatively good on the eating front. The only thing I can attribute that to, is the fact that there is zero junk in my house. And that it's INSANELY cold outside, so I haven't been able to venture outside on any chocolate runs! Now, I'm not saying that my eating was PERFECT by any means - but it was definitely a lot better than last week. So there's a start.

I'm really struggling with trying to find "me" time right now, with being a new mom. Aside from exercising, some time to read, or catch up with friends on the phone....I guess that will come in time. In pursuit of trying to help myself with this, I have booked a Carribean body wrap/massage at the Aveda salon for tomorrow!!!! I am soooo excited, and can't wait. The salon is just across the street from where I live, so I'll only be gone for 2 hours tops. But it's MY time. It'll be my first break from the baby, so I'm a bit nervous that I'll experience separation anxiety or something, but I'm sure it will be fine. The hubby is going to look after her. So, I'm looking VERY forward to that.

I haven't been so great on the water front...I really should be drinking more. On that note, I'm going to pour myself a glass.

I plan on going to the gym tonight, and the rest of this weekend. It'll be easier since my husband is home...and I'm actually looking forward to it.

And then it's the first 27lbs/27 weeks weigh-in on Monday morning. I'll be SO discouraged if I haven't managed to meet my first week's goal.

Baby's stirring....I'm running!


jeannie* said...

Enjoy your time at the salon. You totally deserve it and should enjoy every relaxing minute of YOU time!

Good luck with your weigh in :)

Tiff said...

Aww, I hope your little one is feeling better. I know when my little guy had a cold in his eye, I just had to keep it clean with a warm washcloth and it finally went away.
The spa time sounds like it will be awesome and just what you need... enjoy it!!! And good luck with Monday's weigh-in!

Christy said...

I hope she gets better soon!

ENJOY your time at the spa - I am an Aveda addict so I'm completely ENVIOUS!!

Chris H said...

Hope you enjoy your spa, you need "me" time. Hope bub is better, they do have their moments eh? Loosing 1 pound a week is totally do-able , just keep away from the chocolates! If you really really want to lost the weight it is up to you, no one is going to force feed you eh?

iportion said...

have a fun time at the spa

It's harder for me to get to the gym. Have you thought of getting some DVDS or an exercise video for when you can't get out.