Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday, at last!!!

Firstly, thanks for all of your lovely compliments on my little bambina. I've been such a picture nazi lately - I suppose it's expected with digital cams these days.

The little one had her immunizations yesterday. I think mommy shed more tears than baby, honestly. Her cry of pain made my heart break into a million pieces. If I could have taken that needle for her a million times over, I totally would have. Anyway, you're supposed to load up the baby with tempra (tylenol that makes the baby sleepy and prevents fever), and she's supposed to sleep for hours and hours after the whole ordeal. Not my munchkin. She was wide awake, screaming for several hours after coming home. She fell asleep for an hour in my arms, and then proceeded to wake up again for several hours. I even loaded her up with tempra 2 more times for her pain, but to no avail. I have a daughter who hates sleeping. And she certainly didn't get that from me!

Thank goodness that's over!


Three more days until the next weigh-in. I'm not hopeful, folks. I haven't been eating poorly, but I've had a tough time finding time/energy to exercise. And my water intake has sucked.

So, I feel a bit like a university student cramming for an exam, but I'm going to try to make my goal in the next three days. That means exercising for the next three days, and eating well. It'll be easier because my husband is home for the weekend.

The other night (after a huge snowstorm), hubby and I ordered takeout for dinner, because we were too zonked to cook. I got something from one of our favourite vegetarian restaurants around the corner, and I thought I'd share because it was deeeeeelicous:

Marinated and grilled eggplant, red peppers, sweet potato, sundried tomatoes, and avocado on brown rice spiced with oregano and olive oil. I drizzled lemon on top of the whole thing. For protein, I ordered a side of crispy fried tofu cubes (they are yummilicious marinated and breaded tofu), and sprinkled them on top.

I had a "rise and shine" juice -grapefruit, orange, and strawberry.

It was fantastic! If you've never tried avocado and rice together, you're missing out. Well, just think of sushi, and you'll know what I mean. On brown rice - even better.

That's enough babble from me! A pile of laundry and dishes awaits!


Chris H said...

Awww poor baby, show me a mother who doesn't cry as well ! I always did. Hope she is over it now. Sorry, avocado is YUK YUK YUK ! Ain't it good we are all different? lol

Christy said...

I know what you mean about wanting to take the needle(s) for them. I'm sorry she didn't sleep through it all because of the Tempra - it kills me to hear C cry, so I can't imagine what it does to your heart to hear R cry like that.

(i bawled too when C got his shots)

Have a good weekend cramming ( i just ate a thing of rolos so Im no closer to my goal)


pinknest said...

oh shots. hope she feels better soon.

what's your water intake supposed to be? i'm so bad about drinking water, too.

iportion said...

I am so sorry your little one didn't swleep.

Living to Feel Good said...

OMG that picture below is soooooo fricken cute!!What a cutie!!