Friday, April 27, 2007

Back to it!

It feels good to be back to business again.

I had my first post-flu training session last night, and I was very dubious as to what my energy levels would be like. I was also nervous that the effect of the previous few training sessions would have been thrown out the window, seeing as I was out of commission for an entire week.

I really surprised myself - in fact, there was noticable progress over the last time I trained. Especially when doing lunges - I was going deeper, and had more balance. I'm lifting heavier weights now, and doing more reps. The other day when I was laughing, I actually felt my abdominal muscles - for the first time in many months.

This is really working!

My cardio plan mainly consisted of stroller walks with the baby - at a good speed, and for at least 5-5.5 kms. I'm not liking this idea, given that my exercise becomes really dependant on the weather AND the baby's mood. I think I'm going to come up with a new cardio plan (mostly gym), and if I get a stroller walk in, that'll just be a bonus.

I also had to make a decision about weighing myself regularly. I don't want to get discouraged about small gains - and I also don't want to get overly encouraged by small losses. So, I'm thinking that I start weighing in less frequently - maybe once every 3 weeks. That way, a loss will be a real loss. And it will be nice if it's a fairly sizeable number, too!

Tomorrow evening, my in-laws are holding a party in honour of the baby. (This time, we've actually been told about it!). There is going to be some seriously sinful food there. So, instead of telling myself that I won't have any, and then subsequently gorging myself, I'm going to plan to have a few small things. This way, it will be a bit more controlled and I won't feel deprived. Oh, it's going to be heavenly. I must be strong!

Sunday, I have a massage appointment at the Aveda Salon. I'm really looking forward to it! Although, last time, I had experienced a sleepless night with the baby beforehand, and promptly fell asleep on the table after 5 minutes!

I'll be catching up on all your blogs this weekend - I'm sorry it's been so long! Between the previous facebook addiction and my coming down with the flu, I haven't had a lot of time to peruse. But I'm looking forward to doing that soon!


Annieann77 said...

Sounds like you have a good game plan for the party!

A massage sounds soooo good! ;) I'm jealous! LOL

Have a good weekend! :)

iportion said...

Glad you are feeling better.
Have fun at the party. :-)

Strollers can be mighty good for walking. They add weight and resistance.

I could go for a massage :-)


jodi said...

enjoy the party and your spa-day on sunday... i love aveda products - they smell so wonderful... you will come out of there feeling great! enjoy your weekend! :o)

Chris H said...

Good idea to allow yourself some of the yummy food at the party, deprivation usually leads to a blow out! Lunges... I just added them to my routine, and today I can hardly move! OUCH! Have a wonderful weekend.

Veg*Triathlete said...

Great news about your training progress, Sonya! I'm envious of your improved balance on the lunges... no matter how often I do them, I have trouble with that. I'm just naturally VERRRRY clumsy ;-)

pinknest said...

ooh i so want a massage, too! you should eat some light snacks or fruit before you go to the party so you'll be a little full already. a good trick!