Friday, April 13, 2007


I've been remiss in blogging over the last few days, and have also been negligent in catching up on all of your blogs. Sorry. There is an excellent, but inexcusable reason. I got sucked into Facebook. The same day the lovely Anne blogged about it (perhaps even the same moment she was blogging about it), I was signing myself up for hours of snooping on people from my past. Totally better than googling random people's names from highschool and university.

Talk about blast from the past, and major social drama. There's a huge part of me who greatly relishes in finding out what my highschool colleagues have been up to. How many "friends" they have. Who is writing on their "walls". The other part of me thinks that the whole thing is just madness. If I haven't made an effort to get in touch with some of these people for the past 10 years, why do I suddenly care what they're up to now? And if someone tells me that they've got three kids now and lives 15 hours north of Toronto - what am I going to do with that information, exactly?

Honestly, though - I'm a real glutton for gossip. Not in a harmful or malign way - but in a fun sense. Shhhh - don't tell anyone, but I even read Hollywood gossip blogs. So I might be on crackbook for a little while longer.


Right. Weight loss! Tomorrow AM is my training session - bright and early. I'm looking forward to it. I'm watching the clock like a hawk so that I don't get scammed again by my trainer. It kind of stinks, because I'd like to not feel all business-like about this whole thing. But I am paying him good money for the sessions, after all.

I've been getting out for loads of stroller walks this week, which has been good. Eating has been pretty good. I'm hoping for a loss this week.

That's about all for now - I really can't wait for the warm weather to arrive. I must admit - this blustery crap is dragging my spirits down a bit. Nothing like sunshine and warm air to make me feel like a new person.

Have a good one!


KleoPatra said...

I've been to Facebook briefly a while back... i think! i would guess it is probably addictive, but i'm probably not the demographic that's gonna be visiting or have peeps lookin' for me. Too far removed from school daze!

Good luck and happy times at your training session! Go Sonya! Sending sunny vibes your way...

iportion said...

I don't need to get in touch with old crushes. I have my dream man or dwell on highscool.

I would like to maybe see an old teacher and find out if friends are okay but like kleopatra I am far removed from school days.

Chris H said...

I have my fingers crossed for your nicer weather... and a great result at next weigh in for you too.

Anne said...

So hard to step away from Facebook isn't it? That thing is nuts.

CaRoLyN said...

I am asbolutely addicted to Facebooks as well. I just can't help myself. It's kind of fun though to see what people have been up to.
Good luck with your training session. I hope it goes well and you sqeeuze a full hour out of him. Plus maybe you can wear your new pants :)
Good luck on your weigh in, I will be sending skinny vibes your way!

Gina said...

I'm dying to know how your new magic yoga pants are working out.

jeannie* said...

Oh yes -- facebook is CRAZY! But I'm secretly happy to know that I'm not the only one out there who gets sucked in. haha.

How did the training session go? Hopefully you got your moneys worth and the full length of time!