Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gettin' Buff

Before I got pregnant, I was training with a personal trainer, once/week. He was amazing - a very laid back guy, but pushed me beyond my limits all the time. The results were also great - I did lose some weight, but the biggest benefit was my increased strength and flexibility. Before I started with him, I wasn't overly flexible, and was pretty flabby. In just a few weeks, my abdominal muscles started to harden (yes, even underneath the belly), my leg muscles became quite cut, and I could feel my biceps. I was able to get up off the floor from a cross-legged position without using my arms.

It was really hard working out with him - I was so dedicated, I would do two sessions in one day. I'd go into the gym at lunch for an hour of cardio, and then back again after work for an hour of weight training with him. Wow - that seems like eons ago now.

For obvious reasons, after I became pregnant, I stopped weight training with him. I took on "lower impact" exercise like swimming, walking, and yoga.

Recently, I've had many internal debates about the merits of getting a personal trainer. On the one hand, trainers simply coach you on specific exercises, and help push your limits. Isn't that something that one could research and do themselves?

On the other hand, trainers can help you reach your goals in the most effective and efficient manner. You see, the word "limit" is a funny thing. I think it's very hard to push ourselves beyond our own limits. It's entirely possible, and it takes a lot of mental effort. But it happens a lot quicker when you've got a trainer. Plus, a trainer makes your time with him/her extremely effective - you burn the most calories in the shortest period of time. Yes, it's the biggest bang for the buck!

I was planning on getting a personal trainer after I had lost about 15lbs on my own. And then, I was going to hire a trainer to help me with the rest. I'm not sure why I came up with this logic, to be honest! Wouldn't it make more sense to do it in reverse? This way, I'd get a good foundation going and learn all the exercises. Plus, it would be great motivation to see some significant losses on the scale.

My old trainer works in a gym. Seeing as I'm on maternity leave, I can't afford a gym membership AND training sessions at the moment. Well, I called him up, and he totally remembered me. As fate would have it, he has started private training sessions. So, I gave it some long, hard thought. I decided to hire him. It's expensive - but it's money well spent.

As we were working out details, he says to me, "Are you available to start on Saturday?". Saturday? As in, this Saturday? Was I really ready to do this? I suddenly had a vision of myself a few months from now, crossing that 10K finish line - in best form. "Absolutely!", I exclaimed. I can't wait.


Veg*Triathlete said...

Yay Sonya! I just finished six weeks with a personal trainer. It was my first time ever doing that--it was such a luxury, but totally worth EVERY penny. I don't think it's just that hour or two hours a week you pay for. It's every moment--I found I felt so motivated and proud of myself. Enjoy it!

KleoPatra said...

Money well spent for sure. You're going to get a lifetime of advice, suggestions and real-life practice for workouts that will last and last. I'm happy for you!! GO SONYA!! It is well worth the price, it is...

iportion said...

There ways you could save money
like make a cheap home gym. See if the trainer would only do a couple hours a month.

Cheap Home Gym
If you get a set weights, a step, and a stabilty ball which can be bought cheaply through walmart or bought mail order.

Free stuff
A lot of people have gear they never use.
I got free tony little step machine that my mom wasn't using anymore.

PS keep weights locked from little hands. My little one sees mine and wants to now lift like mommy.

jodi said...

that is awesome! i bet you will be so sore and yet, so happy you went... i've never had a personal trainer but have used one to get my new weight routines (just once in the beginning and then i'm on my own)... i think they're totally worth the $$$ though because you get so much out of it... let us know how it goes! :o)

Chris H said...

WOOOOO HOOOO for you! What a fantastic idea, I'm getting one too, very soon.

jeannie* said...

Good for you! Thats awesome. And great that youve trained with him before so you can just get right into it!

Chris H said...

sonya, I have put a question on my blog today, can you answer it?

Christy said...

Ohhh congrats!!! I was getting a tad discouraged (being Easter weekend and all) so you may have been the motivation I needed to join this hard core fitness class (Lean and Fit) it's expensive but last time I did it, I got amazing results!!!!

CaRoLyN said...

It's so easy for us to put things like this off. The fact of it is, your trainer will most likely work you harder than you would on your own. I know you will do great and you'll start to see the lbs just fly off! When you cross that finish line, it will be all worth it! Keep up the great work and thank you SO much for the comments, they are wonderful and very inspiring!