Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wanted lemon-pie, but got lululemon instead?

Strange afternoon. I was out for a (rather blustery) walk with the baby, and started feeling a bit overwhelmed about millions of things. Happy things, frustrating things - just a bunch of STUFF.

So, I'm contemplating getting a slice of pizza on the way home. Or a chocolate bar. Or a burrito. And I know I shouldn't be - but I'm craving something BAD. And that's when I thought it through.....I was eating out of emotion, and not out of need. Either way, it was the first time that I paused between the actual craving, and the action of eating. Still, it didn't make things easier.

So, I'm walking down a busy shopping district, and there's a lululemon store. It's a VERY trendy athletic store that sells yoga-wear. But a lot of women (and men) wear their clothes as "lounge" wear instead. I've been to their website before, and had a look at the clothes. Cute stuff, but absolutely nothing in my size. I've always wanted to own a trendy pair of yoga pants!:-)

I went inside the store with the stroller, and started looking around. The salesperson pointed me to a pair of "surf" style pants, that cover the belly a bit. They also had them in "tall", since I'm 5"10. They were SO cute. They were a size 12, and I did NOT think they would fit...and I was embarassed to try them on in the store, because they were the largest size. Instead, I decided to pay for them and try them on at home. That always saves some embarassment. The store was filled with stick-figured, long-legged, gorgeous women, and I didn't feel like coming out of the changeroom looking like Grimace, squeezed inside of a tight sock.

$100 later, I'm at home. Yes, I spent $100 on a pair of yoga pants. Am I crazy, or what?
But they fit! They fit, they fit, they fit! They're a bit too long on me, but the store will taper them.

I don't want to eat crappy food anymore. I have a cute pair of pants that I can lounge around in! However, I'm on maternity leave at the moment. Without much income. How in the world do I tell my hubby that I just purchased a pair of $100 track-pants? Especially from a store that I used to constantly complain about (and once claimed to loathe) because of their lack of bigger sizes?

Let me be clear about something. I'm not an impulse shopper. In fact, I hate shopping because of the size trauma that I usually have to endure. I rarely splurge. In fact, I haven't really bought myself anything since the baby's arrival (other than a bunch of reasonably priced track-pants to wear around the apartment). But still. $100 on a pair of track pants?

I'm wearing them right now, and we're becoming more attached as I type this post. I'm going to go and take them off, and rationalize the purchase some more.


My husband totally thinks I should keep them. He raised an eyebrow and slightly gasped when I told him that I spent $100 on a pair of track pants, but he was cool with it. He did laugh when I told him that the store actually tailors the pants for height. He was like, "What kind of store actually tailors track pants?". Good point. The kind of store that successfully manages to extort a mound of money off you for one article of lounge-wear. But they're CUTE!


Chris H said...

I say, GOOD FOR YOU! If you have not bought any clothes for ages and ages, and those pants not only fit but are gorgeous and you LOVE THEM, they were worth every bloody cent! don't you dare take them back, and I am sure your hubby will not have a hissy about the cost! You deserve them, you gave him his baby didn't ya!!! The other thing you could do, and I have done this a few times (!), it say they were on Sale for half price.... naughty but OK sometimes!! You enjoy your new pants!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

First of all Whoo hoo, to saying not to pie and yes to pants.
I understand you're thinking though, I personally think $100 for loung wear is extortion, however if you truly love them then keep them.
You're not the only one to have ambivalent feeling towards Lululemon. They've got cute stuff but they are pricey, I'm considering them a goal weight store.

CaRoLyN said...

Good for you for avoiding the binge! And thinking it through and realizing that you were just craving food because you were temporarily emotional.
I say if the pants make you feel that good, keep em, Wear em and love em! $100 is a lot but I know when I fit into my size 12s, there was no price tag too high for that wonderful feeling!!
Great job!!!
PS Size 12 is the largest they carry?!?!?! Whatever happened to the days when size 12 was "the norm"???

duenneschen said...

nuthing like a great pair of pants to keep you motivated!!!

you deserve it!

that is a bummer with the PT though. great for bringing it up though!

Marshmallow said...

Oh how I love this post, Sonya. (Retail therapy is a better fix than a bit of 'bad' food any day of the week!) WOOOOOOOO!

KleoPatra said...

A splurge every once in a while is fine. Enjoy! What's money but to spend, anyway, y'know? Life is short, Sonya. Live it up - sans guilt. I wish you many happy, comfy hours in your new pretty pants. CHEERS!

noelle said...

ebzecWTG identifying and avoiding emotional eating! Wear those pants every time you feel overwhelmed and remember the feeling of empowerment you feel in a size 12!

jodi said...

you totally deserve to splurge on yourself and if it means buying a $100 pair of pants, then so be it... i grew up being taught to buy things on sale so i don't think i could ever spend that much on ONE thing... after years of 'quantity' over 'quality', i'm trying to reverse that and have less things in my closet... :o)

Christy said...

I ditto - GOOD FOR YOU. Being at home mom's, we have very little US time, and I know for me Carson always comes first - so once in a while we have to put ourselves first, and there's nothing wrong with retail therapy. Secondly, those pants look WICKED. And it's money well spent, rather then spending it on food. Congrats to you my friend.

pinknest said...

lol! "but they're cute!" i have to say, i'm happy i don't have to report my indulgent spendings to anyone except for my guilty self.

Jackie said...

Sonya, I did the exact thing last summer!!!! lol $100 bucks but you know what, I work out and lounge in them all the time, they wash awesome and I feel so cool, everytime I wear them. Im gonna buy some more when I lose 30pds! Enjoy them!!

VegasGirl said...

*grins* I think I'm in love with your husband because he was excited for you and your new pants.

Congrats on passing up the food!! That is a very hard accomplishment that shouldn't be taken too lightly.

jeannie* said...

Oh that post did make me chuckle! I'm so excited that you got pants instead of pie! Woohoo! A bit more pricey, but who cares!

I want to see a picture of these size 12 million dollar yoga pants. Sounds like HEAVEN!

Enjoy :) And I'm glad hubby was ok with it.