Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I feel good, I knew that I would now...:-)

I can't believe that I'm quoting James Brown, but that's exactly how I feel!

First of all, thanks a million times over for all of your supportive comments these last few days. Having all of you "around", if you will, makes a world of difference! It makes me believe that I can actually do this - and you all inspire me in so many ways.

I'm feeling good right now. I've been extremely active, and my eating has been great. Since the baby, I've made many attempts to stay on track with this weight loss journey. None of these attempts were futile - I think they were all necessary to get me where I am today. I wish the first, second, or third times were charms - but oh well. Even if I get it right on the 100th try, that's fine - I'll have gotten it right! And that's what counts.

Yesterday was my first chocolate-free day. Sounds crazy, huh? But it's true. I can't remember the last time I had a chocolate-free day...I've been nibbling on bits and pieces of chocolate like a rabbit for months now. And I don't think I've gone a day without chocolate. I'm not gonna lie - things were going well until late afternoon. I wanted some chocolate in a BAD way. But I somehow rode it out. I actually prevailed!:-)

Today, I went to an exercise class with the baby that involved salsa dancing. It was soooo much fun, and the baby had a great time. I was sweating up a storm, but smiling throughout the entire class. I also walked to and from, which was about 5K. Not shabby at all!

I also surprised myself with a change in attitude yesterday. I realized that my wedding anniversary (Numba 5!) is this Thursday. Hubby and I decided that we should go out for dinner with the baby, to celebrate. We're going to a relatively healthy vegetarian restaurant, so the menu should be good. But still - not as healthy as a home-cooked meal. Since we're going out on Thursday, I've been looking forward to it - everytime I feel like "splurging" on unhealthy food, I remember that I'm going to be treated on Thursday. And it stops me. I can't believe that I'm finally making tradeoffs. A few weeks ago, I'd have had my cake and eaten it too.

Some of you commented about how my "rock bottom moment" may have been the turning point for me. Interesting - I've been thinking about that too. It's been a long time coming, and perhaps that was the straw that broke the camel's back. At the same time, it's just too early to tell. I'm going to have plenty of "oops" moments in the next little while, but hopefully they will be outnumbered by a million good ones.

Case in point - today, I'm behind on my water goal already. Better go and drink up!

The biggest challenge of all? I'm going to be dying to weigh myself next week. How do I talk myself out of that one?


iportion said...

My husnad I celebrate. our fourth year. I think for number next year 5 I want to do something sweet and fun.

Chris H said...

Yaa for wedding anniversaries, hope you make nice choices on Thursday night, enjoy but in moderation! Stew and I celebrate our 20th next week, wooo hooo.

Christy said...

I was JUST saying to Jeff today the same thing about trade-offs. We are heading downtown tomorrow night (my mom is babysitting) to watch the Sens game so I know a few drinks will be had and we'll be eating down there, so I've been so good all week (heh, I know it's on tuesday) whereas before I would have eaten poorly today, thinking "well, im going out anyways so the whole week is pooched anyways". Yay for us.

5 years, wow!

noelle said...

a day without chocolate?!?! And you lived to tell about it?!?!?!

Good for you mama! :D

Kim said...

Sounds like you are in a great place right now!! The Salsa class sounds VERY cool. Keep up the great attitude Sonya!!

Congrats on the upcoming anniversary. We just celebrated #6. Hard to believe how fast the time goes by!!!

katieo said...

-Good Job on the Choco-free day! (Do you normally crave dark or light?)
-Class with the baby AND Salsa Dancing? the funnest! What a great idea...
-'We're going to a relatively healthy vegetarian restaurant' LUCKY! Any time we get to go out (RARE) my husband loves to go all out. And while I realize I make the choice of what to put into my mouth it does make it slightly harder at the "Smokehouse BBQ" for example.

Livy said...

Great post. Sounds like your workout was lots of fun!

CaRoLyN said...

That one is a tough one. I always want to jump on the scale the minute I get back on track and I always expect to see a big loss! Just wait it out for alittle while, the longer you wait, the bigger loss you will see!
Happy Anniversary!! 5 Years!
Keep up the workouts...you are doing AMAZING!!!!!!! Salsa class sounds like so much fun!!

Teresa said...

Happy 5th Anniversary. That dance class sounds like fun. I was weighing myself daily for a few weeks but decided to stop and settled for once a week. Thanks for your nice comments. The search continues for the perfect shirt.

Annieann77 said...

Salsa dancing with baby sounds like so much fun!! I can't wait till I can try it ! ;) Thanks for your support!

the veggie paparazzo said...

Good job on the chocolate! Getting the cravings under control has been really important for me.

And trade-offs ARE so important!

Christy said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys have a great day/night.


Urban Vegan said...

congrats on your great progress and happiness!