Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reflecting and Redirecting...

Things are still good, on the attitude front.:-)

I was thinking about how much time I spend on the computer, and watching my reality TV! I haven't quite added up the number of hours in a week, but I'm sure the results would be staggering.

Between reading blogs, being addicted to facebook, watching ANTM, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and 24, and taking care of a baby - I don't have much spare time. I can't remember the last time I actually picked up a book and read for pleasure.

So, I'm going to cut back on my facebook time - in a BIG way. And, I'm going to start taping (sorry - still old-fashioned - don't have a PVR yet) my TV shows so that I can skip through commercials and save some time.

Instead, I'm going to go for more walks on my own (well, with my iPod!). I'm also going to spend more time reading, and cooking. Exercising! And maybe even reflecting. Imagine that!

Part of my response to all of this life change has been emotional eating and staying indoors. Maybe if I gave myself more opportunity and time to step away from things, I'll gain a whole new perspective on it all.


Went to see my lovely naturopath yesterday.

((And as an aside - I stopped at a lovely tea shop along the way, and picked up some WONDERFUL stuff - including some Lady Grey tea with lavender for moi!).

She's given me some great guidelines on how many fats, carbs, proteins, veggies, fruits, etc. to have a day. She thinks that my body needs a bit of a kick-start, because my energy levels have been low. This is actually really helpful, because now I can plan my meals better. I've been eating way too much fat (even though it's "healthy" - like almond butter, olive oil, etc. - it's just too much).

I'm really going to make an effort to focus on my overall health. I really want to see losses on that scale....but that will come in time. So, it's with heavy heart that I will be putting my scale away for the next few weeks. It's a change in focus for me that I really need.

Going for a swim tonight! Woo hoo!


Annieann77 said...

I'm also soooo addicted to Facebook~!! :)

Sounds like you have a good plan to get more active!

noelle said...

That is so great. I'm glad you talked to someone who gave you more guidance on how you should be nourishing yourself. Think of it that way, hm?

And remembet that you didn't get that post-baby body overnight. It does take a long time to get it all back to something familiar. In fact, my pelvis bones never really tightened up until a few months ago. Yup, they've been all spread out and loose since sometime in 1995!

I love my walking time. Even if you have baby in stroller and are tuned into your music, it can be a great time to reflect. And I love that all the lilac bushes are in bloom right now. I really do enjoy "smelling the flowers" as I walk.

jeannie* said...

We watch the same TV! heehee. Though Ive given up on Jack Bauer this season... I just got bored (weird, I know) and stopped watching.

I think its a great plan to start taping your shows to skip commercials and maybe watch at a more convenient time!

Walks with an iPod are the best! Keep it up :)

PearShapedGirl said...

I'm also addicted to Facebook! My friends and I call it Crackbook, because of it's addictive quality, haha. I know what you mean about getting hooked on TV and feeling like you don't have time for other things. Taping (or PVRing like I do)DOES save a lot of time. I can watch ANTM in about 35 minutes by fast forwarding through the "last time on ANTM" part and the commercials. That saves almost half the time! Anyway have a great weekend...

Take care,

CaRoLyN said...

Good for you! I'm so proud of you for coming up with such a wonderful plan! You are absolutely right! Numbers on a scale really don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. It's living a healthy and active lifestyle that really counts.
Making more time for yourself is such a great idea too! So often we are running around with our heads spinning and we forget to appreciate life!

pinknest said...

happy belated mother's day!!

Anandi said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. How's the new healthy life plan coming along? Putting the scale away is a good thing sometimes!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Hi ya,
You can come by anytime for insipiration, that's what I get from your blog.
We should seriously trade email addresses.

I love your plan by the way,