Monday, June 04, 2007

Time for another break-up.

It's time to break-up with a lover of mine. Yes, I'm talking about Mr. Chocolate.

This week, I'm going to attempt something that will be ultra challenging. I'm going to wean myself off chocolate.

It's going to be SO hard, but I think it's best that me and my love temporarily seperate. We've had a long and sordid affair, and it's been unhealthy for both of us.;-)

I am in love with chocolate of any kind. Milk, white, dark - I don't discriminate. I love premium chocolate, but I also adore "candy bar" chocolate, like coffee crisps and KitKat bars. The second the bite of chocolate lands on my tongue, and begins oozing into my mouth, I am in heaven. And I can never stop at one bite - I could eat it forever, until I explode into a chocolate oblivion. Sigh.

Last week, I managed a few chocolate-free days - but not completely. Also, I somehow have managed to convince myself that eating dark chocolate in any quantity is okay. Which of course, it's not. Though it has amazing health benefits and is incredibly rich and succulent, it is meant to be eaten in moderation. When it comes to chocolate, I don't know the meaning of the word, "moderation".

So, it's with heavy heart that I've made this decision. I think it will be temporary, until I can figure out how to enjoy it without going overboard...and that may take some time. My rebound relationship will be with fruit. Definitely not as satisfying, but better for my heart. I have to keep reminding myself that the relationship with chocolate would have ended badly one day.

Goodbye for now, my lovely chocolate. You've been so good to me - but I have no doubt that we'll enjoy another night of passion sometime in the near future.;-)


Anne said...

Ha! I could have written that...I also love chocolate way too much! I also tried to wean myself off once but got big headaches :(
Good luck!

GetStrongGirl said...

Hey Sonya...Do you keep chocolate in the house? If so, maybe you should get rid of it completely. You wont be tempted then!

Salma Gundi said...

I feel the same way about chocolate - so I don't buy any for the house anymore. Instead, I have one of these 4 on hand - each one tastes enough like chocolate for me to be a little happier, but not enough for me to want to eat more than 1 at a time (ok, sometimes it is more like more than 2):

Clif Z bars in Chocolate Brownie

Jello Sugar-free pudding cup in whatever chocolate version the store has

Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich in either Chocolate Mint or Chocolate Peanut Butter

Fudgsicles - thousands of brans, all of them around 60 calories a pop.

noelle said...

Good job, mama, at just picking one thing to work on! I know it will be a hard one, but you can do it! And you can have it again someday, once you figure out how to do it in moderation.

iportion said...

I sometimes use baking coco and mix in my oatmeal than cook it and add a sugar sub to sweeten it.

Veg*Triathlete said...

If you get a major craving, here's a recipe that really helps: put a frozen banana (chopped up in chunks) into the food processor and whizz it up with a scoop of cocoa powder and about a tsp-tbsp of maple syrup. It tastes like the most divine chocolate "mousse" ever... and it's really not that bad for you! I've done similar things with smoothies: I'll pack the blender with all the usual healthy stuff, like cherries or raspberries, a frozen banana, soy or rice milk, maybe some hemp protein powder or greens, and then a big scoop of cocoa powder. It ends up tasting like a big creamy chocolate milkshake.

Okay, after reading this rambly comment of mine, I'm sure I didn't help support your goal of NO chocolate. I'm just saying that IF you make a decision to have some, there are somewhat healthy ways to treat yourself.

jodi said...

i'm not a huge chocolate person so i guess my equivalent would be bread... or cheese... :o)

Anandi said...

Good luck! I'm not much of a sweets fan myself, but deep fried crunchy things are a whole 'nother story. Email me again sometime, k?

pinknest said...

well good luck with this endeavor! i love chocolate so much as well, but i've never been into the candy bar kind. maybe you can start weaning yourself off by first eating a big serving of fruit, then treat yourself to one small bite of chocolate. you'll be full from the fruit that you won't want that much!

CaRoLyN said...

That post was hilarious!!
I am another chocolate FANATIC and really can't understand people who do not want to eat it 24/7. Have you considered low fat alternatives such as chocolate fat free Jello pudding? It's no kit kat bar or coffee crisp but it does squish the chocolate craving. Just a thought! :)

Teresa said...

Yes I am a canuck! Well for now at least you never know your status when you live in Quebec. Stratford was adorable, there are just so many beautiful small towns in Ontario.

As per the chocolate demon. Now I am not a fanatic, but do notice that once I have a piece of the stuff it sets me off on an eating frenzy. It does taste oh so good.

I too have set up a blockade. Good luck with your quest. Thanks for stopping by.

Becky said...

omg LOL
i don't care for chocolate all that much - but after reading that delicious description of it I feel like running to the grocery store and indulging!!!

Christy said...

I was at the grocery store tonight, picking up a few things and stood in the ice cream section looking at a delicious "Caramel chocolate ice cream". Then I thought of your post, and moved on (after ten minutes).

Just to let you know you've inspired me.

Thank you.