Monday, July 09, 2007

Cryptic post ahead, sorry.

- Things in my life are insanely crazy right now. My head is spinning. Insane in a good way - but there's no time to even absorb all that is happening.
- The challenge hasn't "officially" begun yet, I guess I started a bit early. I'm considering it my "warm-up".;-) It starts on Wednesday, so I'll join the group in weigh-in's, measurements, etc. then.
- I'm down 1/2 a lb. I had hoped for more, but will take any loss. I need to keep remembering that nursing the baby is probably slowing things down - but I'm impatient.
- Tomorrow is the last day of salsa babies class. I'm going to miss it. It was a great workout for me, and a lot of fun for the baby.
- Blogger is messed up and won't let me put in a title for this post.
- Baby's napping, and that means I should be productive - but I'm addicted to the computer (which is another problem in and of itself).
- I just realized that I'm due back to work in 5-ish months. Ack, Ack, Ack! I don't know how I'm going to part with my baby. But also, I can't go back to work in this body. NO way.

....I'm peeling myself away from the computer for now.;-)


Kim said...

Hi Sonya! Well, if things have to be crazy, at least they are a good crazy. :) I hope that whatever is going on brings you nothing but wonderful things.

Congrats on being down another 1/2 pound! That's wonderful!! Slow and steady girlie. :) I know that you are going to be an all star on the challenge!!!

Chris H said...

Tell me about being addicted to the computer! Another loss for you, that's great! Shame the baby buggy class has stopped, how come? Blogger is playing up here too, but I did manage to get a Title on have to hold the mouse right at the very start of the 'box' and click fast!

Christy said...

I agree about hoping that whatever is making life so insanely crazy is something wonderful.

I find if you click near the word "title" then your cursor will appear... the same thing is happening here.

And BIG congrats on the 1/2 lb. That's one half of a pound of fat. Hold up a thing of butter and figure you lost HALF of that from your BODY.

You go girl....keep rocking it!!

noelle said...

maybe you and baby can go out dancing one night?! j/k

So glad you saw a bit of loss. Keep on it!

iportion said...

Maybe you can get a baby mommy fitness DVD and invite a friend or two and it will be cheaper.

katieo said...

- Baby's napping, and that means I should be productive - but I'm addicted to the computer (which is another problem in and of itself).

AMEN sista!

KleoPatra said...

Sonya, BIG HUGS to you. i hope you are HAPPY as well as HEALTHY!!

i have been missing you. i also want to thank you for your kind thoughts about Mattie. She's doing better but on a few meds right now.

i need to get caught up on your blog... as i recall before i took some time off to concentrate on my pup, that you were going on a trip... have to look deeper in here this week.

Sending good thoughts your way and deep appreciation for your compassion and kindness. Your baby is so lucky to have YOU for her mommy, Sonya!

pinknest said...

hmmm, hope you get a little relief soon! and yeah, what's up with that blogger title thingie? i found if you put the cursor just works.

noelle said...

I posted a big ol' butt picture of me on my mama blog and thought of you.

check it out!

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