Sunday, July 29, 2007

Da Groove (is in the heart)

I had an AWESOME workout today. It was sooooo kick-ass. I was in the groove the whole time. Does that make sense?

It's like, when you go for a run, and you have a whole pile of energy that allows you to push yourself through the burn. Or, when the sweat is pouring out of your body and into your eyes, and you feel your heart pounding. And the crazy thing is, you want more. I haven't felt like that in a very long time. Exercising has been something I've been doing like a robot - not something I've been doing to feel in my heart. Cheesy, I know - but it makes a huge difference.

It made me feel...I dunno. So alive.


I was starving this afternoon, rummaging through the (devoid of junk food) cupboards looking for something substantial to eat. You know, something a little more than hummus and crackers, or a piece of fruit that makes you want to devour your entire arm less than an hour later?

Well, there's a protein shake that I sometimes get at my favourite vegetarian restaurant that I've been wanting to mimic for awhile - and it was the perfect opportunity to try it. It consists of vanilla soy milk, peanut butter (natural), chocolate whey protein (or a little bit of cocoa powder and hemp protein for a non-dairy option), a banana, some cinnamon, and ice-cubes. Oh, and a bit of pure maple syrup to sweeten it up. Sure, it's got a bunch of calories - but it's all relatively healthy stuff. And I was full for a solid 3.5 hours. It would be an AWESOME pre-workout shake, too.

It felt good to not resort automatically to something empty that would only have me eating more empty stuff later!


And finally, I want to say thank you for those of you who have been leaving me wonderful and supportive comments on my journey lately. I know I haven't responded individually, but I just want to say that I read each and every one of your comments with great interest - and a big smile of gratitude on my face.

A new week ahead - I just can't wait to kick some more butt.


Christy said...

It must be something in the air!!! Congrats on an awesome day :) Doesn't it feel great? We have to remind ourselves of how we feel so we keep it up. We've had so many conversations about not understanding WHY we ever go off our healthy kick, cause then we feel horrible? Let's keep today in mind... ok?

And I'm going to have to ask a few questions about the stuff in your shake, but I'll send you an e-mail.

You'l have a good sleep tonight after exercising today!

Veg*Triathlete said...

Mmm! I'm making that shake TOMORROW. Sounds really good!

I'm so glad you had a good workout. Isn't it fun when you just get in that mode? I have a feeling it's going to be happening a lot more often for you, too :-)

Chris H said...

Woo hoo for an awesome workout, and the neat feeling afterwards. Keep it up mate.

Tanakwagu said...

hi there,

it is not easy to maintain our health. especially for women, this is their big challenge to face.
i hope that you always success.

CaRoLyN said...

YAY! It's so great to hear that you are so motivated to exercise. I think it may be contagious because it has got me thinking that I really haven't exercised in the last 1.5 weeks! We have been so busy with moving but that is really no excuse now is it?
I would love to get up 40 mins early and go for a walk or hit up an exercise tape but 5:30 just sounds sooo early!
Good for you and keep it up! Thanks for the motivation!

katieo said...

Your exxcitement is totally contagious! I can't wait to get to the gym tomorrow (and I totally understand the kid, I thought I was pressed for time BEFORE?)

KleoPatra said...

We <3 you, Sonya.

i am stoked you had such a great workout! GO YOU! i had one like that the other day. And it DOES make a difference and it DOES make you feel alive. Exercise is a drug, it really is...

*HUGS* and keep up the great work...