Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Official Day 1 / 100

Well, the 100 day challenge has officially begun! The last week or so has been a bit of a warm-up for me.;-)

It's very motivating to think about everyone who's taking part in this short journey together. I am excited to think about how different things could be 100 days from now. Ahem, I mean how different things will be!

The lovely Anne recently blogged about some rewards that she'd give herself at various weight loss intervels. I really love that idea, because I've been guilty of rewarding myself with food in the past. I also love that she picked intervels that were reasonable. So, here are mine:

3 pounds - a pedicure. (same as Anne!) My feet are atrocious looking right now.
6 pounds - a 90-minute massage - body/scalp combo
9 pounds - a cookbook that I've been coveting for awhile
12 pounds - officially signing up for the 5K race in the Fall
15 pounds - a new Fall sweater

The next 100 days are going to be quite a challenge - I will definitely have up's and down's - but the key is to acknowledge, and move forward. So, I'm going to try and find something positive about everyday - even if I slip-up.

Negatives: I was out for lunch, and it could have been a bit healthier. I had 2 pieces of pizza with whole wheat crust, and organic mozzarella - but it also had tandoori potato on it. Not the best, but also not the worst.

Today's positives:

I just finished a 5K walk today, and have been drinking plenty of water. I had a MAJOR chocolate craving this afternoon, and opened the cupboard...and there was none. Know why? I sent it all to work with my hubby this morning. All of our cookies, chocolate, and sweets. There's nothing left. At first, I was frustrated. But after a few minutes, I was just plain glad. This is one of the few times I was glad that our cupboards were devoid of the bad stuff!


Kim said...

Congrats on putting in such a great day!! :)

Anne said...

Love your rewards and good luck on your challenge! You can so do this!

jodi said...

mmm, that pizza actually sounds pretty tasty and healthy... and good job sending the candy with the hubby - i do that when i make cookies... otherwise, they'd all be in my belly... :o)

Chris H said...

Woo hoo for getting rid of the tempting evil foods, hope hubby does not get too fat! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Sonya.

iportion said...

Good luck :-) those are nice rewards.

Teresa said...

Good luck with your Challenge. Smart thinking sending temptation off with your husband. Have a great weekend.

pinknest said...

i love these goals and rewards. best of luck!!

noelle said...

great rewards! And good job at cleaning out your cupboards...that always makes it easier to stay OP when you have to search out the bad stuff or go buy more!

KleoPatra said...

Oooh, i love that idea about giving yourself gifts along the way. That is so smart of Anne, and you for following her lead. i like it. 100 days are like nothing compared to how many days you've been alive so far, and how many days you will be alive in the future.

Good for you on the 5K walk, Sonya. And good thing you don't have my pantry... i'm terrible with the goodies in there. i'm pretty good at doling it out to myself and family and friends when they visit but i can never keep it empty. Glad you were able to avoid the dangerous temptation.

Here's to you and the next 100 days! (or is it 96 now?) Go Sonya!! i know you can do this.

So... do ya think you might share a photo of your feeties after the pedicure!?


Veg*Triathlete said...

Hey Sonya,
Can't wait to hear how the challenge is going! Good luck! There are so many people who want you succeed with your goals :-)

CaRoLyN said...

YAY! You ar doing fantastic! I think we can all notice a huge change in your attitude and I'm so happy for you! Rewarding yourself with material things is such a great idea. I'm such a food reqwarder, it's insane. It makes no sense at all to reward weight loss with grease food. Too contradictory.
I think you will do great int he challenge! I'll be cheering you on!!

Anonymous said...

Sonya...good stuff. those gifts look like great non-food inspirations.

Good luck on these 100 days. I'm inspired...I need to come up with a 100 day plan myself