Thursday, October 04, 2007

Day Four

After I get through the first week, maybe I can stop giving you all the second-by-second account, lol!

Day Four. I'm feeling a LOT better today. Hubby commented this morning that my skin was looking better (I've been breaking out like a 16-year old lately!). My energy levels are better than they were yesterday. I really don't want anything sweet - I'm craving yogurt and berries and vegetables. Now, if someone were to be cruel and stick a piece of chocolate in front of me, it might still be a bit of a moral dilemma....:-)

A few victories so far:

- I've gone grocery shopping twice (to Whole Foods and the Health Food store) were there is yummy, yummy food. Whole Foods has incredible chocolate-chip scones - they are fluffy, sweet, and oh-so-good. I bought one for Hubby, and didn't even flinch when perusing the cookie or snacks aisle.

- When I was checking out at the Health Food store (buying my daughter some organic baby food for our trip away this coming weekend) - there were "mini" dark chocolates by the cash. Like, a half-bite of dark chocolate wrapped up for 30 cents. First thing I thought was, "Perfect! I can just buy one and it's a teeny-tiny bite only". And then, I realized that one "teeny-tiny" bite would lead into another - and I didn't fight my sugar cravings this hard to start sliding back now.

- I've been up REALLY late the last couple of nights. Of course, I'm starving at midnight since I've had dinner at 8pm! Ordinarily, I would snack mindlessly on stuff in the cupboards - crackers, nuts, frozen entree, etc. Instead, I've had a small cup of plain yogurt topped with fresh organic rasberries. Both nights. I went to bed sooooo happy!

Small stuff, I know - but it's the little things that make me feel in control of myself. I'm happy to say that this isn't a "diet" - if I'm hungry, I eat! There's no deprivation here (well, except I'm very deprived of sugar!).

I can't wait until this feels "normal". Effortless it will never be - but eventually, I'll become accustomed to this way of eating.:-)

If I can get through today, I'll officially be more than 50% through this week. BIG accomplishment!:-)


Teresa said...

Good for you not giving into the darkside. Have a wonderful day.

Christie Love said...

Do you ever make smoothies? They work for me when I have a sweet tooth.

Swizzlepop said...

Those are huge accomplishments and you should be very proud! :)
Keep up the great work.

Chris H said...

You are doing well!!! One day at a time, and if you feel like telling up all about it day by day, we DO NOT MIND! Have a fantastic weekend.

Veg*Triathlete said...

Those ARE great accomplishments -- nothing little about them!

Healthy Mummy said...

Good for you. I'm gearing up to take on the sugar demons again.