Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Enraged, but determined!

Day Three. I feel like total crap. But then, why shouldn't I? Our vacation was filled with tons of ice-cream, chocolate, pizza, name it. Plus, the week leading up to our trip, my sugar intake was creeping up as though I was preparing my body for the goodness to come. And now, I'm withdrawing.

The worst part of the day is 3-5pm. My rage factor is the highest - I'm not even craving sugar - I just want to yell at someone! My head hurts, and I feel like resigning from everything.

In some ways, though, it' s a good feeling - that I'm purging my body's dependence on sugar. That when I'm through this rough patch, my energy levels are going to be amazing, and my body will be so much better off. But right now, I just want my hubby to come home from work so that I can shed some of this anger, lol! Poor guy - I already told him to expect his wife in a terrible mood.

I don't have a lot of energy to do hard-core cardio, but I've been going for walks. Partially because the exercise is good, and partially because it's keeping my mind off rummaging through the cupboards.

I'm really determined to get it right this time. (Yeah, yeah - I've said it before). But I've never been this consistent. (Okay, three days doesn't exactly equal consistency). But it feels SO amazing to be in control of what I'm putting in my mouth. In a weird way, other parts of my life are starting to feel better too.

Well, I've read that after a few days, I'll feel like a million bucks - I'm counting on it! Or my poor hubby may not have very much of his head left, lol!


Christy said...

Honestly withdrawl from sugar is brutal! You're right - it's like your body is fighting the "addiction". It's so hard but I promise it just gets easier. Keep it up, you're doing wonderfully!!!!


iportion said...

You can do it :-)

maybe you should treat your huby to something like a DVD for sticking it out with ya.

Veg*Triathlete said...

Stick with it Sonya!!! You're inspring me to clean up my own "fuel".

Mrs. Darcy said...

Who needs a head anyway?

Kim said...

You can do it - I know it!! :)