Thursday, November 29, 2007

December Goals

Well, I'm following the lovely Carolyn's cue, and am going to write out my reasonable December goals.:-) Last week has been amazing - I haven't craved anything bad (mind you, I've been too busy to think about it!) - but I'd really like to start getting to the gym again.

So, these are my goals for the coming week:

- I will get to the gym three times in the next seven days. Writing it out like that makes it sound so doable!
- I will drink 3L of water a day - 1L in the morning, 1L in the afternoon, and 1L in the evening. Easy peasy.
- I will plan my menu for the rest of the week so that I don't have to eat out because I'm busy. There has been too much of that lately.
- There's a bootcamp class on Saturday morning that I've been eyeing. And a cardio kick class on Wednesdays. I will try one of those classes this week.

I've been a bit under the weather lately, but it's such a vicious cycle. I think it's because I haven't been exercising! I'm sure that things will improve once I get myself into the routine again. I was doing very well when I woke up early in the morning, so I think I'll go back to that.

I'm also going to set up mini-goals for myself again. I've got 9 weeks before I go back to work, and I would like to lose 15lbs. Not a lot, but it would still be 25% of the way towards my goal, which would be amazing. I'm going to do it!

The wonderful Jackie was writing the other day about how she's never going to give up on her weight loss efforts, no matter how many times she falls. I loved it when she said that. I sometimes feel embarrassed about writing here, and not making any progress. But it's SO much better than fading into the background and not trying. I read all of your blogs and it makes me feel so motivated. There's a fire in me that wants to do this, and being the very determined girl that I am, it will get done.

So, my first mini-goal is 2lbs from today. I'm weighing in next Wednesday - rain or shine (or snow!).

When I first started this blog, I remember writing, "The journey of a million miles begins with a single step". I'm not worried about the "million miles" part anymore - just the first step. The rest will follow.


Christy said...

And she's right - it doesn't matter how many times you fall, the point being you come back! DO IT! What's that thing about a habit - takes 21 days to start? Set a realistic goal and say you are going to follow your healthy eating plan for 21 days. As soon as you see it working for you, you will be that more motivated to stay on! 9 weeks - wowsa - it goes by SO quickly, so do what you can now!

Thinking of you....


CaRoLyN said...

GREAT goals! I know you can do this and I totally agree with you, keep getting up no matter how many times you think you have fallen. The important thing is that you are trying right? Writing all your goals out is the first step now you need to stay accoutnable and that's what blog buddies are for! We'll all be checking in on your so drink up and get to the gym! I'm trying to exercise more too so we can keep an eye on each other!
Taking a fitness class is a great idea!!

iportion said...

Have you tried having a focused program like WW points than tweeking it
like using points but using store bought soy milk as dairy
Using your flex points for parties and dyas you slipped up

Veg*Triathlete said...

Go you! I know tomorrow's your 2 lb goal day, and I just wanted to give you a big cheer for everything you're doing! I know you'll make this day count, being active and fueling yourself with healthy foods. I love the mini-goal method. Can't wait to read about your successes this week - whether it was drinking water, going to the gym, whatever.

Rebeca said...

wooowww it's been ages girly!
I hope you're well!!