Monday, January 21, 2008

The first weekend of sanity

I had a relatively good weekend overall. I can't believe it's Monday morning, and I can actually say that.

I won't get into all of the insane details, but let's just say that I managed to resist MANY temptations! Including a massive spread of amazing food at a religious ceremony that we had for my daughter on Saturday. I resisted samosas, sweets, and other treats. I also resisted vegan chocolate cake on Friday night (except for one little bite). I even turned down nachos on Saturday night, in favour of a fruit smoothie and some popcorn. You know what? I still enjoyed my weekend. I enjoyed some small things in moderation, and didn't feel deprived.

I wanted to go to the gym on Saturday and Sunday, but only made it one day. I feel really down about the fact that I never made it on Sunday - almost like I "cheated". It's amazing how when I start setting high standards for myself, I forget about all the good that I'm doing - and just feel like I'm not meeting my goals. Again, it's the perfection factor - I need to keep working on that! I had a great weekend of eating, and that's what matters.

I'm really ready for this week - I want to see another loss on Saturday, when I weigh in. If I can see a consecutive loss, I'll finally feel like I'm in the groove. Five days of hard work ahead of me - I'm ready to give it my all!

Carolyn - you did an amazing job this past weekend - you're going to show that scale who's boss this week again, I know it!


CaRoLyN said...

I hope so! Today I feel kind of bloaty despite my great weekend (may be TOM around the corner) but I'm still anxious to get on the scale today and see if I'm down. I really hoping for 2 lbs but seriously I'm not a in a huge rush. If the pounds come off, they come off but the important thing is that I'm making good choices and getting to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. That is probably the first time i've said that and meant it!

I'm SOOO proud of you for resisting all those yummies! Samosas...they are sooo good. And the cake!! You rock!!! Nachos are a big weakness for me to the fact that you resisted them, makes you my hero darlin! Don't you just feel great!

Don't sweat not going to the gym on Sunday, your body needs a rest! I'd say aim for 4 to 5 times a week. I usually workout Mon-Thurs and then take the weekend off. Although I'm thinking about buyig a Billy Blanks DVD to do on Saturday mornings. I need some kind of cardio in there!

Congrats!!! You are rockin it!

Fatinah said...

there is no way I'd be able to leave a samosa on the table - you're my hero!

Christy said...

You are a TROOPER!!! Congrats to you on so many levels. Resisting treats and going to the gym, on a weekend! Don't think bad for not making it on Sunday, think wow, it's a weekend and I STILL made it to the gym. You are my hero!!

Healthy Mummy said...

Wow - you resited samosas!!! I am impressed. I'm with fatinah. I would have folded. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I would love to share some of your recipes. I don't like tofu though.

Kim said...

Congrats on the wonderful work that you are doing! I am very proud of you!!!! :)

iportion said...

I would have ate the cake today :-(

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