Sunday, January 06, 2008

"Live everyday like it's your last one...."

This is Bif Naked. She's a very cool, vegan, rocker singer who also happens to be Canadian. As you can see from the picture, she's in seriously amazing shape. You could bounce a million quarters off her six-pack. I've been to a couple of her concerts, and she puts on an amazing show - her energy is unbelievable. I've never seen anyone dance around so much in high-heel shoes.

Anyway, her music is pretty good - but I've long admired her for her philosophy on health and well being. I think she had a run-in with alcohol and drugs in her younger years, and then she had a bit of a scare. After that, she cleaned up her act - big time. She became a vegan (for health reasons), and started working out religiously. She eats raw food only, never feasts on junk, and has talked about her cravings for beets and spinach! For the past several years, she hasn't touched alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. She considers her body to be a temple, and she treats it with incredible respect. Like I said, her energy on stage is undeniable - I really admire the amazing shape she's in.

Well, my husband was in the car and just called me because he was listening to a radio interview with Bif. It turns out that she came back from her recent honeymoon, and found a lump in her breast. Now she has breast cancer. It isn't a small lump, either - she's going for a few operations and chemotherapy.

I don't know. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. She's 36-years old. In incredible shape. How does this happen, exactly?

You know, our weight loss efforts are sometimes about "fitting into those size 6's again", or looking good for a wedding. Of course, health is always underlying things - but it should really be at the forefront of everything we do. And sometimes trying everything isn't even enough.

Sorry for the damper. It's just a rude awakening as to why it's *critical* I never give up on this journey of health. I want to be around until I'm 102 years old, seriously. And I want all of you to be reading my blog then - even if it's scanned onto your retinas and transferred to your brains by that time. We're all going to be kicking strong.


Christy said...

Wow. That's such an awakening post. It isn't fitting into a size 6, it's about being healthy. I can't imagine getting sick and the possibility of not being able to take of Carson and Jeff. I'll be praying for her, that's really, really shitty.

Thanks for that, we all need to remember that daily.

CaRoLyN said...

Wow What a great post!
You are right, it's not about what size we are but that we are leading a healthy lifestyle. I can't believe she has breast cancer. I just saw the episode of cribs this week with her in it. She IS in great shape so I'm sure that will help her recover.

Healthy Mummy said...

I agree with Carolyn, she is in great shape and this will aid her recovery.

I'm vegetarian, but I've gone vegan on a detox programme I'm following during January. It's been fun going through my cookbooks and picking out recipes to use. I've been abusing my body too much, it's time time start treating it with respect.

Great post

Sarah R said...

Def gives you something to think about. Life has no guarantee or warranty, which is why, like you said, we need to appreciate it in the here and now.

iportion said...

I am sorry Biff is that Ill. I hope that they get rid of the cancer. She's only three years older than me.

I wouldn't want to do the %100 raw food thing because it takes more time prepare than cooked foods some recipes look delicious and I have thought of a un-cooking class