Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Winter Coat and other Miscellaney

Yesterday was a bit of a "blah" day. First of all, it was snowing like crazy outside, which meant that me and the little one couldn't leave the house. We've been going out for walks everyday, and it made us both feel a bit cagey.;-) Secondly, I just felt plain tired (hey, I'm allowed sometimes!). And then, I realized that there are reports that one day this week is the most depressing day of the year. That would definitely explain the fact that I was perfectly content to hang out in my pajamas all day, and that snuggling under the covers was my my most preferred activity.

Oddly enough, I woke up this morning, and felt like my old self again! So who knows? Maybe this "depressing day" stuff isn't a bunch of malarkey after all!

Even though I chose to (er, was forced to?) hibernate yesterday, I didn't go crazy with the eating. But, that was purely a function of having mostly purged my cupboards of everything evil. If there were chips or any leftover vegan gummy bears (courtesy of my hubby), I would have eaten the whole nine yards. I probably had more carbs than I needed during the day. I also found a couple of vegan chocolate chip cookies that were begging me to eat them. Who was I to say no? But all in all, it wasn't awful. No gym - I was hibernating.

Today, I am "blah" no more, and am ready to conquer the world again. I had a doctor's appointment this morning - it's a 45-minute walk round-trip. Even though it's INSANELY cold out there (I swear, your eyeballs would freeze into ice-cubes), I still did the walk. I've had a good morning so far, and a yummy lemon-chickpea-salad with arugula for lunch. I'm going to the gym tonight. And that's that.

It's amazing - for a few days there, I thought this weight loss thing was easy. Once in the groove, always in the groove. NO WAY! It's like, Fall out of the Groove for a second, Stay out of the Groove for Days! The biggest challenge is actually getting back on the road. So, I am proud of myself for getting back to business today.

Oh yeah - my winter coat. I don't make a scrunchy face when I'm buttoning it. I'm not sucking my tummy in like I used to. It buttons nicely. Still snug, but we're getting there. Yay!


Teresa said...

Good for you staying in the groove. Winter needs to end soon.....Keep warm enjoy the gym.

jodi said...

there's nothing wrong w/having a hibernation day, sounds like fun to me! then again, i was home for a week during the holidays and that was enough for me... i found myself snacking for no reason and that's not good! anyway, keep your head up - it's a challenge for most people to stay in the groove everyday... we're only human! :o)

Kim said...

It's not easy to find the groove and stay with it, but it IS worth it!!! :)

Veg*Triathlete said...

THAT is interesting! Glad to know I'm not the only one with a major case of the winter blahs. Thank goodness for walking - that truly is my favorite winter activity because I can bundle up & stay warm, see some daylight, and get moving. Stick with it :-) You're doing great.

CaRoLyN said...

Glad you are jumping back on today. We all have days like those, I had one on Sunday where I had to fight with myself everytime I put something in my mouth. I just wanted Pizza!!!

Can't wait for you to tell me all about the gym tomorrow! (I thought that was a sneaky way of saying you should make sure you get to the gym today!) I hate it when people bug me to go to the gym (my hubby) but I always feel better after I do. I'm thinking about going at lunch today....

Good for you for getting out to walk in the cold! I always find it make syou move faster!

the veggie paparazzo said...

That study is really interesting.

And yes, you definitely just have to be grateful for the times you are in the groove. I'm in one of those now, and I'm like, Milk it for all it's worth! The harder times aren't great, but at least we know the good times will swing around again in the cycle.