Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So, it is Day Three of me and the hubby's "adventure in health". So far, so good. Well - he's doing amazing. Me, this is when I start to waver a bit. But I'm fighting.

I packed my lunch today (a lemon chick-pea salad with arugula, an orange, and some carrot sticks). But I didn't want to eat it for the life of me! I am so not a picky eater, either. Just something about my lunch didn't appeal. I spent 30 minutes convincing myself to buy a falafel from the food court.

Instead, I went for a walk. Went to Starbucks, and bought what is now my favourite beverage. A non-fat soymilk steamed, with no foam, and a shot of sugar-free caramel syrup. It's lovely. I'm normally not into weird, asparatamey tasting things. But I was searching for a distraction and this did the trick.

I ate half of my salad (I couldn't stomach the rest), and am now sipping my drink.

I'm hoping for a 1.5 loss this week. Two more days before weigh in!


CaRoLyN said...

Coffee always fills the hunger void for me. & I love love love the flavored coffee at a local coffee shop here. New flavor everyday and they are all yummy!

Good for you for eating the salad and avoiding the food court!

jodi said...

you should try one of starbuck's skinny lattes - i had a mocha one this morning and it's really good (just swap out the skim milk for soy!)... :o)

Teresa said...

Good for you sticking to your guns and not giving in. Hope you have a wonderful weigh in.

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